Setting a milestone in gymnastics, now as a coach


There are no two answers when it comes to naming the best regional gymnast in history. Christian Bruno He takes this honor thanks to a successful career he had for years in the elite, where he knew how to accumulate awards both nationally and internationally, thanks to his presentations in South American ChampionshipsAll over America and even the world.

Little remains to be done Penquista And if something’s missing, it’s now doing it as a coach, catapulting in the space of a few years to one of the most respected personalities in the country. Especially after his recent historic achievement: he just qualified the entire youth team to JPan American Games B Cali Youth.

Work and more work

Cristian Bruno led the Chilean men’s team that recently participated in the tournament Pan American Youth Artistic Gymnastics Guadalajara, ranking fifth behind the trustworthy United States, Colombia, Brazil and Mexico. In this way, taking tickets for the whole team to play the first version of Pan American Youth Games 2021, which will be made in November On Colombia.

And not only that, because the national representative put together one of the best gymnasts on the continent then Luciano Littleler The fifth will come out of Everywhere final score 12.767.

“It was a perfect competition for the boys, I haven’t seen a Chilean team run in years like they did. We came up with the strategy of cleaning the string as much as possible and getting as many points per machine, without too much difficulty. And they responded very well, despite all that means. Quarantine due to the pandemic, not training or competing for a long time, that was an important external factor to think about getting a good result, but the boys did it perfectly, to the point. No one failed at any device.” Bruno.

In Penquista’s opinion, “we should be proud of what these boys have done, because they will set a precedent for Chilean gymnastics, and for generations to come,” he said.

While he was personally grateful. “It was a great example for me as a coach, I never thought of that as a goal because it was my first experience as a coach in for the American countries, but I know very well what gymnastics is, I know what it is to train and create a gymnast who has that level, which is exciting because there is a lot of work behind it, hours in the gym where I spend more time with the athletes than with my family, the people in it Imagine Like my mom and brother. There are a lot of people in the back and I hope this will be a boost to all the gymnasts out there in Chile,” he concluded.

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