A Ugandan Olympic team member who tested positive in Tokyo had a delta variant


Japan’s Olympics minister said on Friday that a member of Uganda’s Olympic team who tested positive for coronavirus upon arrival in Japan had a delta type, raising fears that the Games, which begin in less than a month, could lead to a new wave of infections. .

Authorities said earlier that a coach from the African country’s delegation had tested positive after arriving in Japan on Saturday, while a second member, an athlete, had tested positive on Wednesday after arriving in the team’s hometown of Izumisano.

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Japanese Olympics Minister Tamayo Marukawa announced at a press conference that a person who arrived on Saturday had detected a delta type, according to NHK public television, adding that an analysis of the second confirmed case was also underway.

in Tokyo

Despite the acceleration of vaccination, experts fear an explosion of cases

Japan has not experienced outbreaks of the virus elsewhere, but it has struggled to contain the fourth wave of infections. The slowdown in the rate of new cases and the acceleration of vaccination lifted the state of emergency in Tokyo and eight other prefectures on Sunday. However, experts have raised concerns about a further increase in cases in Tokyo, as well as the spread of more highly transmissible variants.


The Japanese fear that JJ. OO. It can be done safely

Tokyo recorded 570 new cases of Covid-19 on Thursday, up from 452 cases on the same day the previous week. The Japanese government and organizers have pledged that the Games, which will begin on July 23, will be “safe”. However, many Japanese are still skeptical about the possibility of safely celebrating them, even in a lesser form.

Tokyo (Japan), 06/25/2021.  Banner photo of the vaccination center at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Tokyo, Japan, June 25, 2021. People participating in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics and vaccinated residents receive tickets for the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building to promote the vaccination campaign.  (Japan, Tokyo) EFE / EPA / RODRIGO REYES MARIN / POOL

Japan continues vaccination with fear of an explosion in infection during JJ. OO.


The organizers excluded foreign spectators and limited the number of national spectators to the event. Alcohol consumption, young people in their fifties and loud speech in stadiums will also be banned.

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