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Football is a contact sport, therefore, On the playground, crashes and trips are very common. And there are some that stand out due to its severity and visual impact.

A recent example is Colombian defender Santiago Arias, who suffered a serious injury in the first date of the 2022 Qatar Qualifiers, as Colombia beat Venezuela 3-0.

Here are other painful situations that have left those who endured them out of court for months or, in the worst cases, cut short their careers. (You may be interested: Let’s go to Colombia! 3-3 and the goals scored by the Chile national team).

Santiago Arias

Hardly eight minutes have passed since the match between Colombia and Venezuela, in the qualifying rounds for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar.

Arias fought for a ball with the Venezuelan Darwin Machís near the Colombian region. When he tried to cut his opponent’s play, he got tangled in the grass and was lying on the ground. immediately, He was treated by paramedics, but things were not doing well for his left ankle.

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As confirmed, the winger sustained complex ligament injuries in his left ankle and broke a shrapnel. The side is expected to be operational in the next few days. You will be on vacation for at least six months.

(If you read us from the app look here Exactly when Arias was hit.)

Andre Gomez

It happened on November 3, 2019, on the eleventh day of the 2019-20 Premier League. Tottenham Hotspur faced Everton.

In the 80th minute of the match, Tottenham Hotspur striker Hyung Ming Son fought for a ball with Andre Gomes, from the opposing team.

At that moment, Sun came to suddenly cast Gomez to the ground, his foot deformed. As it became known later, He fractured his right ankle. It took the Portuguese player three and a half months to recover, as he returned to the stadium at the end of February.

(If you read us from the app look here The exact moment Gomez injured.)

David Bosst

In contrast to the previous case, Bosst was disconnected from football after suffering an exposed fracture of his shin and a splint in his right leg.

The injury occurred in a Premier League match between Manchester United and Coventry in April 1996. According to the sports newspaper, Marca, The injury was so pronounced that many of those who saw it needed psychological attention.

It was the defender’s last game for his side Coventry, requiring up to 26 operations after injury, arguably among the worst matches in English football history.

(If you read us from the app see Here A video clip of the accident and Here take photo).

Gabriel Cisse

This retired French player broke both legs in less than two years. The first time was in 2004, when he was a player on the Liverpool team and broke a shin bone in his left leg in a Premier League match against Blackburn Rovers.

Six months later he had already recovered and was able to kick the ball again. However, In 2006 he was injured again, this time in a friendly match between France and China.

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It happened 10 minutes into the match, when Cisse broke the tibia and fibula in his right leg, fractures that he also ended up recovering. Retired in 2017.

(If you read us from the app see Here Photo of Sissy’s second injury).

Patrick Battiston

Due to the “flying kick” of goalkeeper Harald Schumacher, this Frenchman suffered a broken jaw, injury to his vertebra and missing four teeth.

The shocking event took place before the eyes of millions, as the 1982 World Cup semi-finals took place in Spain, where Germany faced France (July 1982).

Although the consequences of the meltdown were at first glance not as clear as those of the other cases on this list, if you left Battiston in a recovery period of just over six months.

(If you read us from the app see Here The exact time of Battiston injury).

Christian Cruz

This Liga de Quito player fractured the shin bone, fibula, and ankle bone in his left leg.

The injury occurred in August 2019, in the Copa Libertadores match against Boca Juniors.

In the 31st minute, Cruz threw himself on the ground to save a shot by Argentine Carlos Tevez. Without contacting the latter, An Ecuadorian’s foot dug into the grass and bent backward.

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The picture was so shocking that many of the players ran to find a stretcher he had taken from the scene.

Cruz’s recovery took a little over six months.

(If you read us from the app see Here Exactly when Cruz was hit).

Ewald Lenin

Lienen’s injury stands out for its rarity. This retired soccer player was an attacking midfielder who on 14 August 1981 suffered one of the bloodiest wounds in football history.

On that day, his team faced Armenia Bielefeld Werder Bremen in Germany.

In the 20th minute, Lienen received a ball from the left wing that he could not control, resulting in opposing defender Norbert Sejman taking advantage of the attack. And while they were doing so, their aluminum wires affected Lienen’s right thigh and created a 25-centimeter-long cut “Butcher” unveiled Muscles Who are affected.

With all of that, Lienen was able to stand up, and went, furious, to demand Otto Rehhagel, Werder Bremen’s coach.

Lienen received 23 electrodes and was out for 17 days. He is currently the Technical Director.

(If you read us from the app see Here Photo of Lienen’s injury).

Caleb Cardozo

In May 2019, a match took place in the Bolivian League between Aurora and Always Ready.

In the 58th minute, Aurora defender Caleb Cardoso tried to steal the ball from Krithian Arabi. The action caused the defender’s right leg to falter, This leads to a fracture of the fibula and a tear of the ligaments.

The Bolivian returned to the field at the end of that year. However, the horrific images of the infection will remain for posterity.

(If you read us from the app look here Video of Cardozo’s injury.)

Edgar Andrade

This soccer player played for Mexico’s Cruz Azul team in 2007. That year, in May, his team faced Tecos, in a match similar to the domestic championship.

In just the sixth minute, Andrade tried to stop a play. Unfortunately, the foot that I used for support received all of its weight and had a fracture The ankle, fibula, tibia, and torn ankle ligament are all on the right-hand side.

Andrade had been off the field for several months, and in 2008, he sustained a cruciate ligament injury to his right knee.

According to specialist Mexican portals, this series of injuries has affected the player’s career.

(If you read us from the app see Here A video clip of Andrade’s horrific breakout).

Eduardo da Silva

On 23 February 2008, Birmingham faced Arsenal da Silva. On that day, this nationalized Brazilian Croatian’s ankle was destroyed after England’s Martin Taylor slipped on the ground to take the ball off him.

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Taylor’s attack power came from Da Silva’s right leg, which was twisted in pain. The result was a fracture of the tibia and fibula that kept him off the field for about a year.

(If you read us from the app look here Video clip of da Silva’s injury).

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