Six young Venezuelans will undertake postgraduate studies in Europe with the Erasmus + . programme

Six young Venezuelans will undertake postgraduate studies in Europe with the Erasmus + . programme
Six young Venezuelans will study their postgraduate degrees in Europe thanks to the Erasmus+ programme.

A new group of Venezuelan students are packing their bags to join their postgraduate studies in Europe. These are six young people from different parts of the country, selected by the Erasmus+ academic exchange programme, funded by the European Union.

The Head of the European Union Delegation to Venezuela, Rafael Duchau Moreno, had the opportunity to speak this Wednesday with some of the students and convey his good wishes to them in this new phase. He also urged them to take advantage of this opportunity for academic, work and personal growth.

In total, there are six students who graduated from Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV), Metropolitan University (UNIMET) and Andrés Bello Catholic University (UCAB). In addition, two young people are already in Europe, having completed their undergraduate studies at the universities of Burgundy and Lille, both in France.

Young Venezuelans will study in Europe

The two students who participated in the meeting today are Victor Henrique Diaz and Aníbal Boganda, UCV and UCAB alumni, respectively. Both will travel to Dublin (Ireland), to study a European Master in Law, Data and Artificial Intelligence.

In the same way as the European Master, Miguel Borges, a graduate of the University of California, will study advanced structural analysis and design using composites at the University of Girona (Spain).

Three students were selected in another way to the Erasmus+ programme, the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master programme. Alejandro Flores, a graduate of UNIMET, who will complete a postgraduate degree in Decentralized Intelligent Energy Systems at the University of Lorraine (France); Agustín Cartaya will be studying Medical Imaging and Applications at the University of Burgundy (France). Finally, Armando Carias, a graduate of the University of Lille, will conduct his studies on transitional environments, innovation and sustainability at the Nova University of Lisbon (Portugal).

During the meeting, a project co-financed by Erasmus+ and implemented by the Center for Business Training Studies (CEFE) in Venezuela called the Young Global Entrepreneurs Program was also announced.

This project was introduced by Maria Gabriela Bucatera and Juan José Moya, and promoted by CEFE Macedonia, jointly with CEFE organizations from Turkey, the Philippines, Bulgaria, Uganda, North Macedonia and Venezuela. Out of a total of 300 participants worldwide, more than 50 were Venezuelans who had the opportunity to participate in this training programme.

Erasmus +

Erasmus+ is the European Union’s program to support education, training, youth and sports in Europe.

For all this time, more than 12 million people, both young and old, have participated in Erasmus +. The program is not limited to members of the European Union, but countries from all over the world.

The estimated budget for Erasmus 2021-2027 Call is €26,200 million. Its purpose is to work on social inclusion, diversity and youth participation.

The last thing about this program is that they can For the benefit of People of different educational levels, such as students of higher education or vocational training, faculty, or volunteers.

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