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actress Sofia Vergara Join 24 Hispanic stars in the new animated movie “Koati,” which hits theaters in the United States starting October 15. In this production, the Colombian joins her talent with salsa singer Marc Anthony.

The animated film narrates the experiences of Nachi, Xochi, and Chima (in voices Rafael Duvarganis, Evalona Montaner and Carol J, respectively), three cute and strange creatures who live in a Latin American jungle and go on an exciting adventure to save their habitat.

In this regard, Sofia Vergara, who is also a part of the film, confirmed that one of her favorite parts was the work of salsa singer Marc Anthony, who not only worked on the soundtrack, but also served as an executive producer for the soundtrack. .

“I think one of the things that made the movie so beautiful was because of the soundtrack that Marc Anthony gave so amazing, the truth is that the movie wouldn’t have looked like he hadn’t gotten his hands on it.Vergara told People.

and you know, Sofia Vergara is one of the producers of the animated film, where she lends her voice to the snake Zani., the tale antagonist who wants to sabotage the mission of Nachi and his friends.

On the other hand, her son Manolo Gonzalez Vergara and actress husband Joe Manganiello are co-stars in the animated film.

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