Softball identifies young talent in the United States and announces an academy in New Jersey


President of the Dominican Softball FederationEngineer Garibaldi Bautista (Fedosa) confirmed that the Foundation will select the specialty players in both branches, to be part of the Citizens Renewal Project, to successfully complete the Olympic Games until Paris 2024 and have guaranteed future prospects.

Bautista spoke before 11 players of Dominican descent, who reside in New Jersey, under the guidance of Sergio Rodriguez, who was also praised by the national leader for his dedication to developing the discipline in the United States.

“We will study the possibility of creating an academy here, like the one we have in Florida, that will serve as a focus to attract talent of Dominican origin, which we can offer to our national teams,” said Fedusa president.

We have seen good players and Rodriguez’s willingness to respond to the state’s call, which motivates us to manage the technical evaluation, to decide what kind of structure we will set up in the state,” said Bautista.

It was announced that from the youth group, Atalia Rego and Viviana Martinez showed conditions to be balanced in the youth national team with the projection to the senior, so they will manage their immediate assessment with technical guidance, for a final definition.

“They are two talents in the short stops, very good at the gauntlet and the fundamentals of the game, and in attack, with their eclecticism and linking the ball with power,” said the Dominican softball president.

Atalia Rego and Viviana Martinez showed conditions to be balanced in the youth national team with projecting the seniors

He considered that with both players, the Dominican softball short position ensures a good rest and allows technical guidance to have teams and optional athletes for institutional events in the cycle ending with the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, and to start with a good drop. 2025-2028.

“We are doing work in the short, medium and long term, creating a structure, identifying national and international talent and anticipating any situation that may arise in the upcoming Fedosa tournaments,” said engineer Bautista.

With this arrangement, he indicated that the Dominican Republic is preparing for qualifying for the U-15 Youth Games, and that the country will be invited to the South American Youth Championship, scheduled for October 3-10, in Ecuador, where players can be present.

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