Sony Horizon Zero Dawn and 9 other PlayStation 4 games for free


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Several weeks ago, Sony promised that it would approve PlayStation 4 users Give them Ratchet and clank He predicted that there would be more surprises on the way. Now we know what it means and that is it will give you a free copy of Horizon Zero Dawn And 9 other games for Playstation 4.

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Via the PlayStation BlogSony stated that between March and April, it will give 10 games for PlayStation 4. Among them are some exclusive games for the platform, in addition to some independent projects that have characterized this generation. There are even some virtual reality experiences.

Play at Home games will be as follows:

  • Infinite rez
  • Horizon Zero Dawn: The Complete Edition
  • Abzo
  • Enter Gungeon
  • Supnautica
  • witness
  • moss
  • Astrobot: The Rescue Mission
  • Thumper
  • Paper monster

When will you be able to download these free games for PlayStation 4?

The big question now is: When can you add these games to your collection? Starting March 25th, you can get your free copy of Rez Infinnite; Abzo. Enter Gungeon; Supnautica; the fame; moss; Astrobot: The Rescue Mission; Thomper s Paper monster. These titles will no longer be available from April 19.

But what about Horizon: Zero Dawn? Aloy’s Open World Adventure will be available from April 19, 2020. Please note that the offer will end on May 14th, so you’ll have less than a month to take advantage of it.

We remind you that all the games on the list can also be enjoyed on PlayStation 5. This is thanks to the fact that the new generation console is backwards compatible.

When the Play at Home Gifts are available for download, we will inform you.

And you, what do you think of these gifts? Will you benefit from the Play at Home initiative? Tell us in the comments.

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