South Korea and the United States fire missiles in response to North Korea

South Korea and the United States fire missiles in response to North Korea

South Korea and the United States Four missiles were fired in response to A .’s launch shell The North Korean who flew over the territory JapaneseSouth Korean military said.

Equipped with weapons Nuclear, North Korea Tuesday launched a medium-range missile above Japan, For the first time since 2017, the Japanese authorities ordered the evacuation of its residents.

The South Korean and US militaries responded by firing two short-range missiles each, “accurately hitting a hypothetical target” in the sea. Japanalso known as the Eastern Sea, explained that Joint Chiefs of Staff in Seoul.

It added in the statement that the maneuvers “demonstrated skill and readiness to neutralize the source of provocation while maintaining a permanent monitoring position.”

The military also confirmed that a South Korean missile failed shortly after its launch and exploded without causing any casualties.

On Tuesday, US and South Korean fighter jets staged a bombing exercise in the Yellow Sea.

He told the press that the exercises wanted to “make sure that we have the military capabilities ready to respond to the provocations of the North if it comes to this situation.” CNN spokesperson for the US National Security Council, John Kirby.

“We shouldn’t come to that. We made it clear to Kim Jong Un that we are willing to sit down without preconditions. We want to see the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.”

“It has not shown any willingness to move in that direction and, quite frankly, is moving in the opposite direction by continuing to conduct missile tests, which is a violation of United Nations resolutions. UN Security Council”he completed.

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