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Actions Looney Tunes Basketball is joining forces. on July 16″Space Jam: A New Legacy”, the sequel to the legendary movie “Space Jam” (1996), in which famous Warner Bros characters are immersed in the world of basketball by Michael Jordan, a historical NBA player.

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The origin of the tape was the result of a series of Nike ads that were well received by the public. Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny were the protagonists of a commercial in which they faced each other at a basketball game.

Now that the story is back, here are a few things you need to know about the movie that spawned it:

1. The plot

In the first installment, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Taz, Lola Bunny, Porky, Sylvester, Tweety and their grandmother, kidnap the athlete to prepare them for a basketball game against the Nerdlucks, who are sent by Mr. Swackhammer from an unknown galaxy to kidnap and enslave them.

Space Jam (1996).  (Photo: Warner Bros.)
Space Jam (1996). (Photo: Warner Bros.)

The impulsive Mr. Swackhammer is the owner of a quaint amusement park called “Tontoland Mountain”, which is about to close due to lack of customers, so – in desperation – he sets his sights on Looney Tunes to get in on the new attractions.

This is how the Nerdlucks come to Earth in search of the mischievous Looney Tunes. Upon finding him, Bugs Bunny and his friends decide to venture into their freedom by challenging Mr. Swackhamer’s servants to a game of basketball, confident that their victory will be imminent.

However, the Nerdlucks weren’t as stupid as they thought, and they matched the skills of the best players in the NBA: Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Maggie Boggs, Larry Johnson and Sean Bradley, who are unable to play basketball.

Mr. Swackhamer, Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan.
Mr. Swackhamer, Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan.
(crowded place)
(crowded place)

After absorbing the abilities of the NBA stars, the aliens transform into giant and powerful creatures. Because of this, Looney Tunes are scared and realize that it is impossible to win the game without the help of a professional.

2. Michael Jordan Subscribe

This is how they turn into Michael Jordan, who was taken away when he was golfing with his friends Larry Bird and Bill Murray.

The Looney Tunes convince Jordan to support them. In the plot, Bugs Bunny meets Lola Bunny, a brilliant basketball player with whom he instantly falls in love.

The audience loved Lola. Such was the character’s success that it had to be included in other productions.

Lola Bunny.
Lola Bunny.

3. Records set by

The film was a real box office success, grossing over $80 million in the United States alone and $230 million worldwide. Space Jam is by far the highest-grossing basketball movie in history. Can the sequel exceed these numbers?

Until last year, the first It has been intact since 1996. This means that the page has been active for 25 years, to the delight of users and fans of the movie.

The film has a cost of $80 million, a duration of 1 hour and 40 minutes, and is the first feature-length Looney Tunes film. In addition, the soundtrack was a real sales success, reaching #69 on the US Billboard chart.

(Photo: Warner Bros.)
(Photo: Warner Bros.)

4. The meteor shower

Also starring in “Space Jam” are other NBA stars like Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Maggie Boggs, Larry Johnson and Sean Bradley, all of whom are self-explanatory. Also, Bill Murray and Wayne Knight are involved.

The NBA plays the championship "crowded place".
The NBA stars in “Space Jam”.

5. Where do you see the movie?

“Space Jam” is available in catalogكت

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