Spain is on its way to Argentina ›Sport› Granma

Spain is on its way to Argentina ›Sport› Granma

The pre-Olympic boxing tournament of the Americas takes place in May, in Buenos Aires, but a group of fighters from the continent are taking part in the 2021 International Elite Boxam, promoted by the Spanish Federation, in Castellon.

This is the most popular AIBA boxing competition in Western Europe, and has just over 130 fighters from 17 countries: Belgium, Chile, Denmark, Ecuador, Spain, France, India, Italy, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Morocco, Monaco, Panama, Puerto Rico, Romania and Russia. And the United States.

Although Cuba did not appear in this competition, it is possible that many of our people in Argentina will meet those competing there today. Puerto Rico and the United States are the two teams with the highest quality to go to Buenos Aires with the many fasteners involved in Spain, where both Puerto Ricans and Americans must guarantee, in the men’s segment, for Tokyo, between four and five fasteners in each case.

Panama released, a few weeks ago, the list of those who will be in Argentina, many of them in the Castellon tournament. Under the supervision of Cuban coach Jesus Martinez, the existing gutters in Spain are Martin Perez (52 kg), Orlando Martinez (57), Jonathan Menel (63) and Eduardo Pickford (69), who have been training since January with the pose. In the pre-Olympic period.

Meanwhile, Ecuador traveled to Spain with Luis Delgado, weighing 52 kg, William Guaman (63) and Kevin Mosquera (69), but none of them is expected to achieve their Olympic quota.

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