Global obesity is increasing every day, and as we already know, it affects more adults and children every day. Not just a poor diet – it’s based on super processing Unhealthy fats and added sugars It is to blame, but increasingly sedentary lifestyles are affecting, too.

This is why many countries are a concern of not only trying to reduce obesity levels in their populations, but also Encouraging a more active life. Finally, Finland and Uganda seem to be taking the cake.

At least that’s what he’s referring to Article from the World Economic Forum. As this report indicates, The World Health Organization (WHO) has conducted an analysis of the fitness levels of residents of 168 countries Different Between 2001 and 2016Posted on The Lancet Magazine.

Two countries emerged as clear winners: the first was Uganda and the second was Finland. Uganda will be the fittest country in the worldWhile Finland will be the fittest among the rich western countries.

Anyway, this is It does not mean that it is the healthiest country Specifically in the case of Uganda, but only in people with a higher level of fitness in the population. The reasons why people in these countries are more physically fit have to do with encouraging physical activity.

Thus, while one of the most common recommendations of doctors in Uganda is to go for a walk or swim – generally speaking, Stay active – Something similar is happening in Finland. As the World Economic Forum report notes, Finland had one of the worst rates in terms of cardiovascular health due to a lack of a precise diet and physical activity.

All the benefits not told about exercise on cardiovascular health

As a result of this fact, it has become a country that cares a lot about food and in which the population is very active, with about 56% of the population working At least one hour a day of physical activity. Not only that, but Finnish companies encourage the physical activity of their employees Many companies have their own gyms and saunas.

In Finland, in addition to this, physical activity is also encouraged in schools, so that Children learn to turn away from a sedentary life Since we were kids. In the case of Uganda, there is another reason besides medical advice and their love for the sport: most of the country’s work is physical and involves activity.

In short, the way to improve our fitness levels and be more fit is clear: whether we have a steady job or not, The key is to move aroundWalking more, physical activity and sports.

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