Women’s Football – News – A blend of creativity, unity and the Ubuntu spirit


Diana Yuna:

Very few people have heard of this tournament. However, conveying the message together is something that brings people together. For example, if you have a chance to play for the number one goal, which is to end poverty, many people join the team, because they want to contribute one way or another to eradicating it from the planet.

The Global Goals World Cup is a blend of creativity, unity and Ubuntu spirit [ndlr: Ubuntu es un concepto africano según el cual somos lo que somos gracias a las personas que nos rodean, y también engloba la percepción de la influencia que ejercen los demás sobre nosotros]. The only rule to keep in mind is that only non-professional soccer players can participate.

This tournament piqued my interest as it targets popular football and tries to raise awareness in communities, as well as talented girls who have never played before. It also targets women who want to fight disease through football, coaches, players and players who have already stopped working but who, thanks to their experience, still have an impact on their community.

Any individual in society should try to implement these ambitious goals. That’s why women of all ages come to this all-day event: they celebrate International Women’s Day while simultaneously practicing the sport they love, interacting with others and having a good time.

When I arrived in Uganda, in my first tournament, a team of grandmothers faced a friendly match against young, energetic women from the Ugandan Football Association. They were up to the task, and I have to admit, the atmosphere was great. From the fans who encouraged them to the football they played. It is impossible not to love them.

“These global goals are for all women. We need women who are able to mobilize the world to achieve them. We knew we had to do it through football. I developed confidence thanks to working with different people from different countries. There is no better tool than that.” McCain told me. Gilmartin, the founder of the tournament, is in the world… Life is more than confidence.

Magda Nantanda, the former Ugandan coach of She Cranes, was happy with the tournament: “The effect is amazing, because it makes women from all walks of life see that they can play football. I grew up in a society where football was only for men, not for women. Nantanda says.

“This event will make women have a good time. It will also encourage their families and children to play sports. Today, sport can help them develop in many aspects, find work, continue training and integrate more. I want to bring in women who have always felt this passion, but they are They never played. It will be their day. “

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