Steve Will Do It Girlfriend: Celina Smith Current Relationship Update


A whirlwind romance, a bitter break-up, and an enigmatic reconciliation, the relationship saga of YouTube star Stevewilldoit and his on-again, off-again girlfriend Celina Smith, has the internet talking and Instagram buzzing. In this article, we delve deep into the life of the captivating Celina Smith, her roller-coaster relationship with the YouTube prankster, their break-ups, rumors, and everything in between.

Celina Smith: An Introductory Peek

An undeniable talent, a stunning presence, and a charisma that oozes from every Instagram post, Celina Smith is a name that has rapidly taken the social media world by storm. Born and raised in the vibrant city of Miami, Florida, on February 22, 1999, Celina has cultivated an online persona that effortlessly merges the realms of modeling, music, and digital influence.

When you delve into her life, you will find a multifaceted woman who is not just a pretty face but also a force to reckon with in the digital space. Known for her arresting photoshoots and vibrant Instagram posts, Celina Smith has risen through the ranks to become one of the most prominent social media influencers with an enviable following of over a million followers. Her breathtakingly beautiful bikini pictures are a testament to her modeling prowess and have garnered millions of likes and compliments from fans worldwide.

Beyond her prowess in modeling and social media influencing, Celina is a singer who has enthralled audiences with her soulful tunes. Her discography includes the album Restless and numerous singles, including It’s the Hard-Knock Life, Maybe, Tomorrow, and Mind Reader. She uses her social media platforms to share glimpses of her music journey, further deepening her connection with her fanbase.

Steve Will Do It Girlfriend life is an open book through her social media channels. Her followers have seen her metamorphosis from a budding model to a celebrated influencer and singer. Whether she’s strumming a guitar, modeling the latest fashion trends, or sharing snippets of her everyday life, Celina’s posts exude authenticity, making her an influential figure in the digital realm.

Despite being thrust into the limelight, she has managed to maintain a delicate balance between her personal and professional life. She’s candid yet cautious, charming yet grounded, and above all, a testament to young, aspiring artists who wish to carve a niche for themselves in the competitive digital space.

The Steve-Celina Love Story: A Walk Down Memory Lane

The tale of Celina Smith and Steve will do it, a.k.a., Stephen Deleonardis, is one marked by passion, heartbreak, and rumors galore. The duo met during their high school days at Oviedo High School, and love blossomed. Their relationship gained public attention when Steve introduced Celina to his YouTube viewers.

The couple soon became the internet’s darling with their adorable posts, making fans swoon over their chemistry. However, as they say, all that glitters isn’t gold. The couple had their fair share of highs and lows.

The Break-Up Saga: A Twist in the Tale

Fast forward to 2020, whispers of a break-up between Steve and Celina started doing the rounds. Things came to a head when Steve tweeted about Celina’s alleged infidelity and labeled her a clout chaser. Fans were left guessing if it was one of Steve’s pranks or if their favorite couple had indeed hit a rough patch.

Celina, post the break-up, started sharing pictures and videos with other men, leading to further speculations. She was linked to Jason Pagaduan, also known as 905Shooter, adding more fuel to the gossip mills. Amidst the confusion, one thing was clear – Celina Smith was single and ready to mingle.

The Rumors, Reconciliation, and Speculations

In a dramatic twist, rumors of a reconciliation started circulating when Steve referred to Celina as his girlfriend in a video in October 2021. However, their relationship status remains as ambiguous as ever. While they don’t follow each other on Instagram, they haven’t removed their pictures either, leaving fans in a state of constant speculation.

Recently, Celina set tongues wagging with a click-bait YouTube video titled ‘I Have a Big Surprise’. The video’s thumbnail had what looked like a baby sonogram, prompting fans to think a baby was on the way. But it turned out to be a prank, with the surprise being a new dog in their life.

The Influence of Celina Smith

Besides her dramatic love life, Steve Will Do It Girlfriend Celina’s influence on social media platforms is noteworthy. She started uploading YouTube videos in July 2022, and within a short span, her account gained significant traction. With content ranging from vlogs to hauls and try-on videos, Celina has managed to garner over 125,000 subscribers.

Her Instagram, with over a million followers, serves as the primary platform to promote her YouTube content. Despite her frequent click-baiting, Celina continues to enjoy immense popularity, testifying to her marketing prowess and influence on digital platforms.

The Uncertain Future of Steve-Celina

The love story of Stevewilldoit and Celina Smith, marked by passionate love and bitter breakups, keeps fans guessing about their relationship status. With neither of them making an official statement about their current relationship status, the future of Steve-Celina remains uncertain. Whether they are together or not, one thing’s for sure – they know how to keep the gossip mills churning.


What is Celina Smith’s age and zodiac sign?

Born on February 22, 1999, Celina Smith is currently 24 years old. Her zodiac sign is Pisces.

What are some of the notable works in Celina Smith’s singing career?

As a singer, Celina Smith is known for her albums ‘Restless’ and popular songs like ‘It’s the Hard-Knock Life,’ ‘Maybe,’ ‘Tomorrow,’ ‘I Don’t Need Anything But You,’ ‘Right Now,’ and ‘Mind Reader.’

Did Steve and Celina Smith break up?

Yes, Steve and Celina Smith had a breakup in 2020 when Steve found Celina being intimate with another man. He accused her of being a clout chaser.

Are Steve and Celina Smith back together now?

No, Steve and Celina Smith have not rekindled their relationship. Following the breakup, Celina Smith shared photos and videos with other men and even dated Jason Pagaduan, also known as 905Shooter.

What led to the separation between Steve and Celina?

Steve and Celina’s relationship ended when Steve accused Celina of being unfaithful and chasing clout. Steve saw her with another man, leading to their breakup.

How did Steve and Celina’s relationship begin?

Steve and Celina’s relationship began in their high school years at Oviedo High School. The two were beloved for their close relationship, which spanned more than four years.

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