Strange lights surprise the residents of the United States and Spain

This phenomenon is related to the launch of the Starlink satellite. Photo: AFP

Series of Strange lights in the sky It is observed by residents of California, Arizona and Las Vegas in the United States, as well as in Madrid, Spain.

in some cases, “Strange” lights They moved in the night sky in line.

Different users They were alarmed after noticing the alignment of lights in the sky And they reported the event looking for other netizens who were observing the same phenomenon, because they did not know the origin of these “stars” and why they were in a straight line.

What were the strange lights?

to me National Weather Service, And based in Seattle, the phenomenon seen during the night May 5 Linked to The launch of the Starlink satellite, from SpaceX CorporationThat same night, about 60 satellites were launched from Florida.

A similar vision occurred in April 2020, when it was different Lights lit up the sky American.

What is the Starlink phenomenon associated with strange lights?

Starlink was born in 2015 and it is a division of the aforementioned company, Designed to develop an interconnected network of satellites To implement the latest broadband internet systems in the world.

In total, Starlink has put more than 1,500 satellites into orbit, having made 25 launches since 2018, when the SpaceX division received official clearance. The Musk intent It is to reach 12 thousand satellites before the end of the decade.

The company expects to offer near-global coverage in populated areas of the planet by 2021.

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