Susana Dusamantes: The most important work of the actress who is facing pancreatic cancer

Susana Dusamantes: The most important work of the actress who is facing pancreatic cancer

This Thursday, the first actress was announced, Susanna DusamantesSinger’s mother Pauline RubioAnd He is in the hospital Under treatment to deal with Pancreas cancer who was diagnosed, butWho is he and what are his most relevant works?? In this article we will tell you about it.

Mary of Perpetual Help Guadalupe Susana Dosamantes Roll Restbetter known as Susana Dosamantes is a Mexican actress, born on January 9, 1948 in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco And that all the time 50 years He has had a long and successful career in Film, theater and television actingmore than 65 films, 19 novels and 10 plays.

The celebrity who is currently 74 years old, He made his debut in 1968 in the movie Swirl of Passions. She also participated inMemories of the future“, in addition to sharing credits with Helena Rojo and Lucia Mendes in the film.”darker than the night1975, written and directed by Carlos Enrique Taboada.

In terms of television, Dosamantes has also ventured into notable TV series, such as: “Dying to live”, “Wild Heart”, “The Twins”, “Rebeca”, “Three Times Ana” and “Victory Journey”In addition to playing the role of Eva in the novel”If they let us”, which was broadcast in the United States via TelevisaUnivisión.

Throughout her career she has been Susanna Recognized many times with the most important Awards given in MexicoIncluding Herald For her performance in “Amalia Batista” and silver goddess About the movie “Future Memories”.

Susanna’s potions and her romantic relationships

A year after debuting as an actress in 1969, she married a Spanish lawyer Enrique Rubio Gonzalezwho gave birth to his two sons, Paulina and Enrique RubioHowever, the couple separated in 1974.

Later, Susana did not give up on love and married a Spanish businessman and producer Charles Vassell TomeWho divorced him in 1988. And finally married Luis Rivaswho is currently working with him and maintains a secret profile in the middle of the show.

She was admitted to the hospital for pancreatic cancer

A few weeks passed when he was seen on the small screen of Univisión with his daughter, on a program for Promotion of the “Perrísimas” tour Starring Paulina Rubio next to her Alejandra GuzmanHowever, attention is now focused on the health of the famous actress He faces the biggest challenge in his life by supporting his children and family.

Susanna Dosamantes was hospitalized under strict care in Mount Sinai Medical Center from city Miami And according to a release published in the digital edition of Who, the Histriona “She is calm and confident in her recovery“.

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