Tampa Bay Rays have been claiming floodlights for a few years


Seeing the Los Angeles Dodgers or the New York Yankees in the MLB playoffs is normal, but when it comes down to it Tampa Bay rays, It’s totally surprising, although the truth is that this team has been fighting for two years to be in ALCS and today they are two wins against Houston Astros reach the World Championships.

Many consider him the ‘black horse’ of the 2020 season.

Of course, it’s amazing to see this team at such a high point in the season, especially because it is only this year that they have won the third division title in their history. They were established in 1998 and only this season they did it His sixth trip to postseason.

With other teams dominating the MLS, no one expected the Rays to dominate the playoffs, let alone two wins before the final. The Houston Astros at the ALCS Championship. Although this is for those who weren’t paying attention, the truth is that Tampa Bay has been in a struggle for two years.

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All his work is “paying off” in the 2020 season.

The magic begins on Team Hill, it has begun Nick Anderson, Diego Castillo, and Jose Alvarado. All three are launched continuously at speeds of over 140 km / h. Castillo and Alvarado are a novelty with both averaging 158-159 in their shots while Alvarado averaging close to 150 mph on the slider.

Since last season you can see how far they can go. Anderson made 23 matches for Rays of Tampa Bay in 2019 after arriving from the Miami Marlins He cheered 41 of 78 hitters in 21 rounds and came down to 2.11 ERs.

You could argue that they account for some of the best painkillers.

Although diversity is what made them in the 2 World Championship victory. Plus Anderson, Alvarado and Castillo, Oliver Drake, throwing a fast, hard ball. Chaz Rowe is basically a type of slider. Something that helps the team why sIts breaking sharply and faster than most other breakout stadiums.

So we must add hitters to it. Randy Arosarina He has hit the ground to continue the good race, his fourth home game in his last six games after the season ended. right Now He achieved .419 with 1,406 in the playoffs.

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The stats are on their side, too, and here’s what they did when:

Leaders after 6 sets: 1-33

Lead after 7 games: 0-30

Captain after 8 sets: 0-37

Additionally, Rays has also improved to 16-5 in one-time games this season. Another stat: The Rays hideouts have had 16 runners this season without letting any of them sign up, so it’s time to stop being amazed at the fact that the Tampa Bay Rays beat Team Yankees and Want to do the same at ALCS versus the Houston Astros.

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