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There are two types of clashes between them Real Madrid s Valencia Which Mexican football fans keep in their memory. The first was final Champions League From the 1999-2000 season. in that match, Fernando Morientes, Steve McManaman and Raul He ended the team’s dream to lead Hector Cooper to raise the Orejona; Gaizka Mendieta, Claudio López and Santiago Cañizares They couldn’t achieve Saint-Denis.

The other happened in 2008 within a fictional story when Santiago Munez Presented as the owner with Real Madrid in the stadium Santiago Bernabeu. He did it in front of Che’s team in the movie The second goal. The Mexican public witnessed Sante’s disaster in that match; He was sent off with a red card immediately after sweeping from behind to Vicente.

Except for the cameos and Galacticos’ participation from the Merengue Club, little or nothing is saved from the movie, With the passage of time Accumulation of unfavorable criticism The score is an average of 5 on a scale of 1 to 10.

However, Other details the movie remembers are Lalo Luna’s voice, The Mexican commentator who accurately recounts the misfortune of Muniz Santiago Bernabeu against Valencia.

This fact is more present in trivia thanks to the fact that Luna himself shared on social media that he was never paid for this job. He did so via Twitter after users informed him that the movie would be shown again.

a) yes, One of Mexico’s most important phantom parties brought with it double misfortune at the Temple of Merengue, One in the stadium and one in the broadcast booth. In both places of the stadium a bad day for Mexicans. Over the years, perhaps, Muniz could have been hurt by the red card over 700 pesos they didn’t pay him.

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