The 10 best films of 2021 according to critics


There are only a few days left until the end of the year, so the rankings are starting to appear and among them is a ranking the Best movies of 2021And naturally.

187 critics From all over the world voted in his annual poll Indiewire To select the best titles from the past 12 months. Each one voted among the different films presented during 2021 and Determine the total number of votes Final Ranking from the list.

between the Top 10 movies of 2021 They find each other Some of what can already Fresh and Netflix, others have already passed through Spanish cinemas and a couple will not arrive until 2022 in our country. So if you haven’t seen them, you can start this vacation with homework and jot down the missed assignments for next year.

These are the 10 best films of 2021 according to critics

  1. dog power
  2. driving my car
  3. Licorice pizza
  4. The worst person in the world
  5. memory
  6. French record
  7. run away
  8. little mom
  9. chiaroscuro
  10. Come on come on. always forward

The big winner this year dog power, from Netflix, which is not only considered the best movie of the year, but also agreed with critics Best Director (Jane Campion), Best Performance by Benedict Cumberbatch (which has several Oscars) and Best Cinematography.

What is more, Netflix Celebrate twice thanks chiaroscuromovie starring Tessa Thompson Way Ruth Negga About two African American women in the 1920s, and about their friendship and how it affects that one of them can become white in society at the time.

to Licorice pizzaAnd The last tape of Paul Thomas AndersonWe’ll have to wait until 2022, for those who want to watch it again on the big screen Joaquin PhoenixThey will be able to do so sometime next year come on come on, where he plays a radio journalist who takes a trip across the United States with his young nephew.

Which of the following films will be on your list of movies to watch in the coming months?

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