Romantics! Jennifer Lopez accompanies Ben Affleck at the premiere of her new movie


United State-. Jennifer Lopez s Ben Affleck They have once again been the center of attention on the new red carpet, and when they appear at an event, all eyes are on them. At the premiere of the movie tender barThe new movie directed by George Clooney And starring the actor, the artists were very romantic in TCL Chinese Theater .

Lopez She walked the red carpet in a pale blue dress while smiling AffleckWho wore a classic suit with a black tie to the event. In October, the couple also premiered the movie The last duelActor starring. The previous month, in September, Bennifer 2.0 He debuted on the red carpet for the first time over 15 years ago at the movie premiere in Venice Film Festival.

In Tye Sheridan, he plays a boy named JR who grew up under the tutelage of his Uncle Charlie (Aflick) and other father characters. With his home base at Charlie’s Bar, JR tries to follow his dreams. His mother (Rabee) and grandfather (Christopher Lloyd) worry about JR’s future, but Charlie takes him under his wing to share his wisdom. Affleck Nominated for Best Actor by Golden Globes 2022.

In a recent interview, Affleck She revealed why she wanted to take on this role and how it reflects something from her personal life. “It was oddly similar to playing my dad. My dad was a waiter. He wasn’t going to college, but he was a cult, and his ambition was to become a writer, but his alcoholism held him back. Somehow we can be our own worst enemies,” the actor said. “He was arrogant,” the actor said. from first class”.

during the first show, Affleck He managed to avoid a question about his relationship with Lopez Even though they just walked the red carpet together. When the reporter mentioned how well Jennifer supported him at the premiere, the actor said, “You know, when you’re head of a studio, you’ll come to the premiere. I think it’s appropriate. Jane Salk runs Amazon. I’m glad you’re here. I’m so glad he supports us.” “.

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