The 4 Real Crimes Everyone’s Talking About Right Now (And Not All of them are from Netflix)

The 4 Real Crimes Everyone’s Talking About Right Now (And Not All of them are from Netflix)

Came to stay. A few years ago we talked about it Fever real crimeBut the production of these non-fiction series and films, about murders, crimes, and true crimes, has reached a point of maturity for being one of the most prolific genres on television. Netflix didn’t invent it, far from it (think of previous titles like the stairs also Central Park FiveIn the audio notation a seriesAnd the in the HBO . series Jinx), but of course his style is one of the most influential (think making a killerWild Wild Country also tiger king).

However, on occasions, The real crime good ones Coming in a bunch we can spend months seeing only forgotten titles and suddenly so many headlines that grab attention for one thing or another sync up on the stream. It seems to have happened again these weeks, with the four documentaries everyone’s talking about right now. Of course we are too.

The girl in the picture

You can see it on Netflix

The girl in the pictureon Netflix For just over a week, it has crept to the top of the most viewed on the platform, as well as into fan chats real crime. Although its narrative proposition is very simple (it is not as stylized as other documentaries of the same genre), this feature film interacts above all with what it tells.

Because of the way he reconstructs his victim’s story, but also because of how he portrays this evil that, far from being exceptional, is horribly human. The film revolves around a woman who is found nearly dead in a gutter The Oklahoma Highway in 1990And the man who ruined her life.


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My daughter’s killer

You can see it on Netflix

The true crimes that come to us almost always come from the United States (like a good part of the fantasy series too), but one of the great virtues of Netflix is ​​that it has decentralized this production and streaming. From France, we also heard interesting stories, such as heartbreaking Gregory also The woman and the killerReflection in a feminist key.

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