Who is D.B. Cooper, one of the most wanted men in FBI history

Who is D.B. Cooper, one of the most wanted men in FBI history

It was never known where he had jumped or where he could land. The security forces thought they had an idea based on the areas where bills with the same serial numbers appeared as those given to this man.

The ship’s crew described him as a A man of about 40 years old, about 1.80m in height, dark-haired, glasses, and educatedHowever, the suspect who was in the area or had knowledge of the plane hijacking was not found.

The The police always thought Cooper died in the jumpsince it is very unlikely that a person would be able to survive a storm, but that did not prevent some of the names of the people involved from appearing.

John List, Richard McCoy Jr., Duane Webber, and Kenneth Christiansen were suspects Over 30 years old, but they’ve all been scrapped. Then came another name: William Gossett. A Canadian newspaper reported in 2008 that a man named Galen Cook believed the ransom money was being held in a Vancouver bank in the name of William Gossett.

Cook claimed that Gossett, who died in 2003, Exactly as described to Cooper, and explained that this man told his children that he was the kidnapper and that he was He had confessed before a judge and a lawyer.

It has not been confirmed whether Gossett could actually be Cooper.and the The FBI decided to close the investigation in 2016Thus, it became the only unsolved issue of air piracy in the United States. Will he discover his true identity? Will we know if he survived the jump? fans real crime This story in particular has conducted their own investigation and some believe they have found the explanation. But it seems difficult to reveal the whole truth one day

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