Get ready for Prey’s premiere with new photos from the upcoming Predator movie

Get ready for Prey’s premiere with new photos from the upcoming Predator movie

In two weeks the movie premiere victimthe new movie in the franchise predator Who will try to surprise fans with a story that will not only go back to Earth’s past, but will also influence one of these fearsome alien hunters against the Comanche tribe.

But if you still can’t get an idea of ​​what it would be like based on the trailers victimtwo new images released this week that can help you imagine what Dan Trachtenberg’s movie has to offer (10 Cloverfield Lane).

After all, these images published by SFX magazine show an approach to the design of the predator who will be the contender to defeat in this film, and also includes another look at Naru (Amber Midthunder), the Comanche warrior who will challenge this creature.

While it’s clear that this strip will be framed in the Predator franchise, Trachtenberg made it clear that his goal isn’t to pave the way for other installments we already know.

“I want to say this specifically, because I think there’s been some confusion about how people understand: In my opinion, this isn’t a prequel movie, this isn’t, ‘Let’s determine the origin of the predator. “This is really something set before the original Predator movie.” The director said (via disgusting). “And the predatory creature in this movie, this is the first time it has ever traveled to Earth.”

victim It will premiere August 5 via Hulu streaming in the US, but will reach Latin America via Star+.

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