The baseball academies of Puerto Rico will play their national championships


The National Championship of the Baseball Academies in Puerto Rico will begin on March 23 at Hiram Pethorne Stadium with a schedule of 21 game dates, including after-season, the Minister of Sports and Recreation (DRD), the event’s sponsoring entity, said.

There will be 50 matches in total between the ten academies that will participate in the event. In addition to the game schedule, two Academy Championships will be held Show For players to expose their talents before listening to professional league teams, DRD’s secretary explained, Ray Quinones.

The academies that will see action are the Christian Leadership Academy, the Carlos Beltran Academy of Baseball, the Christian Military Academy, the Puerto Rico Academy of Baseball and High School, the International High School Baseball Academy, the BU Academy, the Manuel Cruz Massera Specialized School, the National Baseball Academy, the pro-baseball academy and the Al-Shadai Christian Academy.

The Academy tournament was not held in 2020 because the epidemic prevented it. The event was last held in 2019 in two stadiums. This time, the entire tournament will be played at the Hiram Pythorn Stadium.

Tournament director Enrique Mendoza described the tournament format as “all against all” in a match against every opponent. Teams will play two matches each week. Matches last seven innings or two hours.

“It’s the same formula for 2019. The difference is that we will play it in two weeks. Before we have four months to play it,” Mendoza said, explaining that the reason behind this comes as a result of the epidemic and the interest in ending the event before the end of the semester.

The Show They will not be limited to Academy players; High school players will also be invited. Both dates are 7 and 8 April.

The baseball competition will be allowed because the government has allowed it from Monday. The new executive order allows for competition in team sports such as baseball and others.

The pass is one of the best news that Puerto Rican players have received, who have been inactive from live play for a year in Puerto Rico. Players have been able to train in their tournaments, but this measure is not sufficient. Some managed to play, but they had to do so in the United States, with additional expenses.

“We’ve been working and training virtually, and it’s not the same. Behind the camera you could miss a lot of things. If we played, we had to do it by traveling abroad, and at a lot of costs.” Said ProBaseball Academy player, Adriel Calderon, who explained that he went to play in The United States at least seven times during the pandemic, “We are all ready to begin an act of God.”

The defending champion is the Christian Leadership Academy, which impressively beat the Carlos Beltran Baseball Academy in the 2019 Final.

WIPO will broadcast 23 of the 50 live matches. The tournament will allow audiences to play in the games, as long as it meets the maximum capacity required by the government.

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