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Raphael Nadal’s secret is probably He has no secrets. Behind his victory last Sunday at Roland Garros, where he won the Thirteenth Cavalry Cup in Paris, is perseverance, perseverance, mental discipline and strict discipline. Santiago Alvarez de Mon, professor at IESE and author of a case study of the 34-year-old tennis player from Manacor who studied in business schools, knows him well. “He always has a positive tone,” says the teacher, who recalls the last time he saw the best tennis player. “His success depends on consistency, practice rather than preaching, in addition to being mentally strong.” Times – that was before the pandemic when they met in the airport VIP lounge – he commented on how he had faced an uncertain season.

The year did not start well for the player who fell in the Australian Open quarter-finals, in a match he lost to Dominic Tim, which delayed his last great achievement: Roger Federer tied for Grand Slam titles –20 in total. “At his age, his patience may run out, but he realistically takes the storm. When he has to stop, he does it and goes on bit by bit. This shows that you have discipline and a strong methodology. Never throw a towel awayHe doesn’t give a point for getting lost, he plays as if it was the last thing he would do in this life. Highlighting an athlete’s foundation and family education, Alvarez de Moon explains the stability it flaunts on the slopes.

For years, his uncle Tony Nadal has made sure to shape the tennis player’s sporting personality. Once, remembering Alvarez de Moon, Nadal complained Uncle of the wind He did it during an exercise. He’s got a good Rappur. In one of the matches, he was playing with Andy Murray, I caught the wind. The Briton was annoyed by the storm, “but Rafa remembered what his uncle told him and he did not notice the wind and won the match.” This is something that Tony Nadal, a now-counselor who has always been interested in instilling in his pupil, is remembered: “There was no excuse for us to win a game.”

Rafael Nadal, on Monday in Paris, won the Roland Garros Cup. EFE

Specifically, the desire to win, not to defeat the other, is one of his greatest assets, explains Juan Matteo, director of the Higher Institute of Leadership at the University of Francisco de Vitoria, who adds that the great virtue of a player does not lie in improvisation. “He is more than a leader, he is the executor of the planned decisions, and He has a need to face constant challenges. He may not be the best player, but he may be the most steadfast, ”adds Matteo, who believes that there are leaders who assert themselves because of the power they possess, and there are others who impose themselves because they are an authority in something. This is the case with Nadal. The former, he always makes the best version of himself. ”

His last victory in Paris made him Spanish 1.6 million euros. Nadal ranks 27th among the highest-paid athletes in the world, according to the Forbes 2020 list, which estimated the tennis player’s annual earnings in the previous year at $ 40 million (€ 33.8 million at the current exchange rate): 26 million. Sponsorship – it’s the photo, according to its website, of Nike, Mapfre, Santander, Telefónica, Kia, Heliocare, Richard Mille and others – and 14 million prizes. Federer heads the list with some winnings $ 106.3 millionNot only the tennis player who wins the most, but also the athlete The highest income on the planet, Ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo. The second highest-earning tennis player is precisely his opponent in the last tournament, Novak Djokovic, with an annual profit of $ 44.6 million.

Nadal has won accumulated prizes of more than 104 million euros since 2001, but for years he has led various rankings of the most influential and best value athletes in Spain. Proof of this is the call for solidarity he made last spring with his friend Paw GasolUnder the slogan # OurBestVictory, To raise funds for the Red Cross to help those most in need due to the effects of the epidemic. Starch 14 million In Euros.

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