Volleyball and RD weights rated well globally – El Caribe newspaper

It will be Dominican volleyball for the third time at the Olympic Games.
Caribbean Queens are ranked ninth in the FIVB rankings. Bunnat is the third in the world with a weight of 89 kg

Dominican sport has very good representatives in various world ranks. Queens of the Caribbean, the national women’s volleyball team, has the upper hand in this line.

The Creole weight team, in both branches, receives equally high perks when it comes to global standing in this discipline.

In the case of volleyball, the Creole team ranks ninth with 272 points. The Dominican hexagon, led by Brazilian Marcos Kwik, secured its pass to the Tokyo Olympics after finishing first in the qualifiers held at the start of last year at Palacio de los Deportes. China tops the FIVB scoring system with 391 goals, followed by the United States (382), Brazil (328), Italy (300), Turkey (285), Serbia (280), Japan (277) and Russia. (275) respectively. As it turns out, the “queens of the Caribbean” are competing with world powers.

While in the Volleyball Association of North America, Central America and the Caribbean (Norsica), the team ranked second with 241 points, surpassing only the United States, with 342 points.

In weights, the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF for short in English) placed Luis Garcia 14th in the 61kg category, with a total of 2992 points, while Zacharia Bonat (89kg) ranked third in its category with 3988 points. . Bonat, a native of Bayaguana, is outdone only by Dane Lee, from China, and Brian Rodalegas Carvajal, from Colombia.

In the women’s division, Petromacorisana Crismery Santana ranks eighth in 87 kg with 2575 points, while Verónica Saladín (+ 87 kg) from El Seibo is in the same position with 2465 points.

This quartet of weightlifters is scheduled to participate in the major continental championships, which qualify for the Olympic Games, which will be held in Juan Dolio from April 17 to 25 under the shape of “the bubble”.

Across America, bunts are second. Garcia IV, Saladin II and Santana III. “This is enough for these athletes to finish collecting the remaining points in order to be officially in the Tokyo Olympics,” said William Ozuna, president of the Dominican Weightlifting Federation.

In taekwondo, Moises Hernandez, Bernardo Bay and Catherine Rodriguez actually got their tickets to Tokyo. The latest Olympic assessment published by the International Taekwondo Federation (WTF) places Hernandez 13 in the minus 80kg category; Made 60 at -68 kg and into 110 Rodriguez (+67 kg).

On the other hand, in the FEI training line, after updating the list on January 31, Yvonne Losos de Muniz ranked 53 points in the world, with 1992 points, and Hector Florentino, in jumping position, 350 with 815 points.


Judo is another specialty that is also looking for venues for the Olympic Games. It has two competitors on its list, who recently participated in a qualifier, the second being carried out by the International Judo Federation (IJF) in Uzbekistan which was attended by 509 contestants from five continents. They are Medickson del Orbe and Wander Mateo.

Del Orb (1444 points) weighs 41 kg, while Matteo (646) weighs 70 kg. The presence or absence of both judo players will be announced to Tokyo on June 28, the deadline for scoring the required points for matches. Next April, Punta Cana will host new qualifiers under the “bubble” system.

Swimming has another rating system

Jose Dominguez will attend the Olympic Games in Tokyo after participating, in December 2019, in the Toyota American Championships, which was held in Atlanta. Domínguez’s classification is Type B, indicating that the Dominican swimmer would not be competing in Olympic medals, but for being in the top 16 places in the largest competition of the Olympic Games. This will be the second time Dominican swimming will participate in the Olympic Games. The first event was in Sydney, Australia, in 2000 with Guillermo Cabrera González, who ran the 200-meter back.

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