The best pieces of the Bilbao Mountain Film Festival arrive in the auditorium

The best pieces of the Bilbao Mountain Film Festival arrive in the auditorium

For another year, the BBK Mendi Film Festival Bilbao Bizkaia is moving abroad and showing some of its best films with its Mendi Tour. The Hondarribia Hall is one of the regular stops on this traveling circuit and sessions will be today and tomorrow, starting at 7:00pm. Tickets (three euros) will be sold out two hours in advance, and can also be purchased in advance at the Arma Plaza Tourist Office and on the Kutxabank Tickets website.

Eight mountain, adventure, extreme sports and nature films have been selected from BBK’s 15th edition Mendi Film Bilbao Bizkaia, all recommended for mountaineers, film buffs and the general public. It is presented in the original version with subtitles.

  • today
    “El retorno” (Sierra de Guadarrama), “Joy” (Uganda), “Creationism” (Iceland), and “New way up” (Karakorum).

  • tomorrow. “Iretargi” (climbing in Etxauri), “Yhabril
    The Seeker of Light (high-speed train in the Pyrenees), “In the Ice” (Darwin mountain range) and “Everest, from the sea to the summit” (climbing Everest starting from the sea). Both sessions, at 7:00 p.m. Three euro tickets.

In today’s session, you will be able to travel to places as diverse as the Sierra de Guadarrama, Uganda, Iceland, and the Karakorum.

El retorno takes us back to the most difficult weeks of confinement, during which it was possible to document the complete absence of humans in nature in one of the most visited natural parks in Spain: the Sierra de Guadarrama. Geographer and mountaineer Pedro Nicolás of the place reflects on a sustainable future.

“Joy” won Best Short Film in its latest edition. The film centers on Jolene Tujum, a young ranger who juggles the education of her two children, Favor and Abby, with her commitment to protecting the lonely family of mountain gorillas living in Magahinga National Park, Uganda. This is the Nyakagizi family of nine.

The third movie in the afternoon is Creation Theory, in which a surfer on the waves, a snowboarder on the top and a musician meet on stage in the western fjords of Iceland, searching for an existential answer: what is the source of creation? Awarded for Best Soundtrack.

Today’s session will conclude with “New way up”. Golemet Tower, in Karakorum, is a technical granite pinnacle. The dangerous icy terrain makes this approach difficult and challenging. Faby Paul and Will Sim plan to use parachutes to fly over the icy terrain. An epic journey that sets a new trend for Himalayan climbing.

Tomorrow’s movies

Four more films to be announced tomorrow: “Iretargi”, about climbing in Etxauri; “Yhabril: Seeker of Light” in which one of the most difficult railway races through the Pyrenees is documented: Canfranc-Canfranc; “Into the Ice”, about a trip to the Darwin mountain range; and “Everest, Sea to the Summit”, Grand Prix 2022, in which Tim Macartney-Snape, after climbing Everest in 1984, made a new ascent in 1990 from sea level.

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