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What other books could be a bestseller again? These are some of the adjustments to come soon



On Netflix, many of us have fallen in love with stories like Lady Maneuver, Bridgerton, Lupine s Dance of fireflies Popular series based on books. Since the members welcomed these productions, it was very interesting to see these books find new audiences, by appearing on bestseller lists, book clubs, and more.

In fact, we describe the top 10 titles in the list New York Times Bestseller for February – Led BridgertonThese are Netflix-related books and aren’t the only ones to have seen a literary renaissance:

  • As it became Most Watched Series Netflix, popular novels Bridgerton, By Julia Quinn, She Jumped Up: It came the point where five books in the series appeared on the New York Times bestseller list. The Duke and Me It stayed # 1 for four weeks.
  • Fireflies danceKristen Hannah first appeared on the top ten list a month before the production was released, as interest in the series increased. The book reached number one three days after it premiered on Netflix and 13 years after its publication.
  • Three weeks after the premiere of the short series, Maneuvering mrsWritten by Walter Teves appears on the list for the first time since it was published 37 years ago; It stayed in the top ten for 11 weeks.
  • After the premiere of a movie Lupine, Maurice LeBlanc’s original book (written in 1907!) Is starting to appear in many countries, such as Italy, Spain, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Korea, with sales reaching the equivalent of a year in just 15 days. Ten days after its premiere, the book ranked in the top 5 bestsellers on Amazon and in the French bookstore Fnac.

So what other books could be a bestseller again? Here are some adjustments coming soon on Netflix:

  • Moxie!Written by Jennifer Matteo, forthcoming March 3rd
  • Today yes!Written by Amy Kroos Rosenthal, released on March 12th
  • Shadow and BonesBy Leigh Bardugo, for premiere on April 23rd
  • Things we hear and seeAnd the Based on All things stop showingAnd the By Elizabeth Brundage, released April 30th
  • The woman is at the windowAnd the By AJ Finn, forthcoming
  • LupineBy Maurice LeBlanc, the second part will be released this summer
  • Street of Fear: 1666And the By RL Stine, this summer is coming in fright
  • The last love letterBy Jojo Moyes, it will be released soon
  • Kissing booth 3By Beth Reekles, it will be released soon
  • You areWritten by Caroline Kibbens, Season 3 is about to premiere
  • A place for a dreamThe third season of Robin Carr is coming soon
  • Sweet magnoliaThe second season of Sherryl Woods is about to premiere
  • Cowboy de Filadelfia, Based on Cowboy GhettoAnd the By Gregory Nyeri, about to be released
  • Night BooksAnd the From JA White, is about to premiere
  • cleanerBy Stephanie Land coming soon

We look forward to seeing and possibly reading what happens.

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