The CDC wants to eliminate five-day isolation for those who become infected with Covid-19

The CDC wants to eliminate five-day isolation for those who become infected with Covid-19

the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Center for Disease Control), from the United States, have just announced that their priority, on their agenda for 2024, is to amend the guidelines isolation For people who contract Covid-19Because it will not be necessary to confine yourself for the first five days after a positive test result, as is recommended from December 2021.

Just four years after the World Health Organization classified the health emergency caused by global cases of Covid-19 as a pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has made some changes to its guidelines regarding how to respond to the disease, after holding a meeting internally a few months ago, when they realized that the disease situation had “actually changed.”

Information published by the Washington Post reveals that the Center for Disease Control suggested – for the first time – that isolation should not be mandatory in August of last year. However, the multiple attacks of respiratory viruses that attacked the United States at that time led to a delay in its installation.

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It was only in January this year that they resumed their writing, in which they suggest that people with mild effects of Covid-19 end their isolation, depending on their symptoms.

The CDC considers cough, fatigue, sore throat, congestion, and runny nose to be considered mild symptoms; While a persistent cough and fever should be considered part of a more serious COVID-19 infection.

In the case of people with fever, the health agency will suggest that they remain in isolation for at least the first 24 hours.

Non-isolation does not apply to people who control fever with medication; They will also need to stay away from work and school environments.

Although the new protocol has already been written, it still needs White House approval in order to gain state approval.

The new guidelines are later scheduled to be published in April, so residents can know the details and have their say, and the CDC will give 30 to 60 days to receive feedback until they create the final version. It will be initially published during the summer of this year.

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It should be noted that the new guidelines will not be applicable in all contexts, as the CDC indicates that medical personnel will have to continue to isolate for five days, in the event of infection with the disease.

Let us remember that when the pandemic began, the recommendation was for those infected to isolate themselves for 10 days, a suggestion that was reduced to five days in December 2021, when international research showed that patients with Covid-19 were more infectious in the first days of infection. the disease.

If this guideline is approved, it will be the first relaxation of protocols against the disease in more than two years.

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