The Colombian found a man wearing an Atlético Nacional shirt in Uganda

The Colombian found a man wearing an Atlético Nacional shirt in Uganda

It is common on the streets of any city in the world to see people wearing the jerseys of the main teams Football planet. Of course, globalization has done its part, and now there is practically no place who is ignorant of the so-called “beautiful sport” and its great personalities.

Something that has also become common is finding Colombians all over the world wearing the colors of their team or the Colombian national team. What is curious is to find a file European, African or Asian in the jersey of the Colombian Professional Football Team (FPC).

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The story of a man wearing an Atlético Nacional shirt in Uganda

Through her Twitter account, Stefania Ramirez Gutierrez, a Colombian living in Uganda, shared a photo A man found him in Chitental wearing an Atlético Nacional shirt. Of course, this caught the attention of this woman, who immediately went to this man to ask him about this tracksuit.

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When asked about the origin of the shirt and if he knows what the team is, this man indicated that he had “no idea” about the origin of this shirt, but he told “Saeed” that Bought it in Rwanda.

Responses to this app were immediate and many users proudly pointed out that this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. Another netizen recalled a popular photo of another person wearing a “Green of the Mountain” jacket. in Burkina Fasoamid a series of protests and conflicts in that country.

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