The current Fernando Alonso is improving Renault titles

The current Fernando Alonso is improving Renault titles

If there is an authorized vote in Formula 1 to talk about Fernando Alonso This is it Flavio Briatore. The Italian president was practically the father of the current pilot Aston Martin when signed for Renault In 2003, he dazzled the world in 2004 and was crowned in 2005 and 2006, overthrowing the then king of the “Great Circus”, Michael Schumacher.

The F1 ambassador is now back in competition at the same time as his protégé Alpsand to find a better model than the one he left when he left the classification more than a decade ago.

“I came back to F1 two years ago and F1 now has an extraordinary appeal because America is an exceptional engine, Before entering it was very difficult. Formula 1 entertainment, we go to the United States and attract 500 thousand and 600 thousand people.

In addition, he sees the current grid at a higher level than he saw at the time: “There are some extraordinary, wonderful young drivers, people who Communicate with the media in a different way“.

“There are extraordinary heroes like Max VerstappenHow do HamiltonHow do RussellA group of wonderful young men.”

Of course, if someone surprises you, this is it Fernando Alonsowhich, according to Briatore, is 41 years old, It’s better than when he was twenty-four.

“There is a less youthful group like Fernando Alonso, who I saw yesterday weighing 60 kilos, and I’ve never seen him in such good shape, Not even when he was running with meHe confirmed.

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