The conflict between Russia and Ukraine. “Please take my daughter, because she does not lack anything,” says the father, who is desperately trying to leave Ukraine.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine.  “Please take my daughter, because she does not lack anything,” says the father, who is desperately trying to leave Ukraine.

“Please, take my daughter and take care of her, so that she does not lack anything.” Journalist Sol Makaluso revealed the request made by a colleague in group.

His therapist Max, his mentor, asked him to take his daughter. The Argentine reporter, who works for Telecinco in Spain, promised to take the minor out of UkraineTells.

“She is my family now, she is my sister (…) my family grows and grows with each one of them. They are wonderful people, so whatever it takes,” he said, wiping tears from his face.

He later clarified that the girl “is not the daughter of my photographer Stefan”. In addition, he decided to stay longer in Lviv “because of my commitment to the profession and my commitment to my photographer.”

The young woman noted that the minor “is being escorted by a little giant from our team back to Spain. She will be well taken care of. Like I mentioned, we are all a big family on this staff. I hope she can be reunited with her family soon, either here in their country or in Any place is safe for them all.”

Anguish in Kyiv

On Kyiv Despair and anguish to leave the capital in front of Russian invasion. Ukrainians leave everything behind.

Buzzfeed News reporter Christopher Miller recounted postcards of the train station experience: A young mother “was separated from her daughter when a police officer put the girl on the train, but she started moving away in front of the woman. A woman ran next to the moving car until she managed to grab the arm of another man who pulled her into the boat” .

In the midst of the chaos, “an elderly woman lost from exhaustion and had to be carried. Pets that weren’t allowed on board due to space, were given away by their owners to cry for their friends who stayed behind,” Miller said.

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At the station, the question was “Which road will go to Lviv, Rakhiv, Kamianets-Podilskyi and other cities in Western Ukraine can provide safe shelter and passage to the countries of the European Union”, however, the tickets,” “cannot be found, bought or exchanged (…) but no one who worked at the station seemed interested in whether someone actually had them.”

Serhiy, Veronica and their young daughter Sophia were looking forward to getting to Odessa. “It’s a real nightmare,” a Buzzfeed News reporter said, adding that they didn’t have tickets but would try to catch the train seven hours later.

Students and young IT professionals were also striving to reach the frontier, such as Muhammed Ali, a student from Turkmenistan who was studying programming at the Drahumanov National Pedagogical University in Kyiv, and who with five friends was trying to get to Romania, where they hoped. Take trips to their countries.

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Miller recounted that in the hall, in the Café de France in the International Hall, Natalia, a retired teacher, looking forward to going to Ivano-Frankivsk with her daughter, had served cakes to soldiers and fighters. “It is important that they be strong. I am an old woman,” said Natalia. I will die soon. But Ukraine will survive.”

Miller revealed that Mulvina is another mother of two daughters who “left Georgia for Ukraine after Russia invaded her motherland in 2008. She’s spent the past 14 years building a new life, only for Putin to destroy it once.”

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