The DC movie breaks records and collects in three days more than Dune in its entire commercial career

“Batman” swept through America, even exceeding the already high expectations of it. That the movie was directed by him Matt Reeves I got $128.5 million During the first weekend in theaters.


Warner’s movie was such a hit that in just one weekend, it actually made more than Dune, the studio’s highest-grossing production of 2021 with revenues in that country of just over $108 million. It is also true that the film is a feature length Denis Villeneuve It premiered simultaneously on HBO Max and neither did Reeves. In addition, The Batman movie also broke the record for Warner’s best showing since the start of the pandemic.

In this way, he becomes “Batman” too Best opening film that Reeves has directed so farmuch more than the 73 million that the wonderful game “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” appeared in.

In addition, The Batman improved the debut of Batman Begins, which opened in the United States with $48.7 million, and Batman’s debut, which opened with $40.4 million. Yes in deed , Didn’t achieve best premiere for a movie starring DC superheroan honor still in the hands of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and $166 million.

Every DC Extended Universe movie has been rated from worst to best

We shouldn’t forget that either Huge duration From The Batman, it’s not for nothing that it’s the third longest-running superhero movie ever, it also means fewer sessions, but Warner did too Test checks With a shorter montage, the audience’s enthusiasm was noticeably lower.

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