The director of Steel Giants thinks a sequel could pay off thanks to Netflix


when steel giants Hitting cinemas in 2011, the film did not establish itself as a huge box office success. However, although it achieved a moderate overall, in recent years this production led by Hugh Jackman has begun to gain attention in the context of streaming services.

Thus, after the film reached the Netflix catalog in the United States, its good reception would have revived hopes for a sequel.

Although there is still nothing concrete about possible steel giants 2In an interview with Al Bawaba, CinemaBlend boss Shawn Levy Not only did he confirm that reception on Netflix could lead to the development of a sequel, but he also investigated conversations with Jackman about it.

“It’s amazing how live streaming gives people the opportunity to rediscover (things). Obviously it happened with Cobra Kai and what happened to them when they switched from YouTube to Netflix,” Levy said. “When Giants of Steel came out on Netflix in 2020 and was in the top titles, it really showed us, ‘Wait a minute, that audience is still there, and maybe we can even increase it. “Hugh and I have definitely seen each other recently, and I’m not going to lie and say he hasn’t come (sequel topic).”

steel giants It is also known as real steel In English its premise revolves around robotic boxing. In this sense, in addition to story continuity, one of the most interesting proposals for a definitive sequel is probably the evolution of visual effects. After all, this part of the first film was nominated for Oscars.

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