The fight between a male and a female bear ends in tragedy; They both fall into a ravine

a Climber captures the moment In what Two brown bears fight near a valleyIn the end it’s all It ends in tragedy when both animals fall From a height of several meters.

The video was captured in . format Peña de Santa Lucia, north of the Spanish province of ValenciaSources reported that a bear tried to attack a female with its cubs, but in the end they both ended up falling.

it is known that Male bear dies after dramatic fall While nothing is known about bear cubs.

And the Spanish authorities published pictures of the bear, which weighed 217 kilograms, after the sharp fall.

The female sustained several fractures, so she was transferred to a veterinary hospital in the area.

Experts note that during one period of the year the male bear tries to kill the young of the female to mate with her again.

The tragic fall of both bears spread on social networks.


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