The final is my last World Cup match.

The final is my last World Cup match.

He is 35 years old and with the help of a Julian Alvarez ubiquitous in the competing field, Leo Messi led Argentina to the sixth final in its historyAnd the Which will also be the second for Leo.

Next Sunday they will see their faces from before France also Morocco With the aim of sewing the third star onto her chest…and the spirits of the Alpselisti and her fans through the roof.

However, with full Argentinian ecstasy, Messi fired into the mixed zone what almost everyone thought but nobody wanted to assume: This is the last World Cup.

“Yes, for sure. Many years have passed for the following years and I don’t think he will give me. He noted in remarks to “Olé”.

“So glad I was able to make it happen, I finish my World Cup career by playing my last match in a final. Everything I experienced at the World Cup is very exciting, what people experienced and how people in Argentina enjoy it.”

world Cup The United States and Canada in 2026 It seems a bit too far for a Leo to land around the age of 40, though America’s Cup 2024 Yes, it is more potential than realistic for the “ten”.

“I don’t know if this is my best tournament, I’ve been enjoying this a lot for a while, since we arrived. What we’ve been through since we started losing, we know what we are and what this group can offer. Argentina are back in the World Cup final and we have to Enjoy it, we will do our best in the final, Leave everything to try to pick her upMessi snapped.

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