The girl who studies under a cardboard roof while her father washes cars moving, this is her story

The girl who studies under a cardboard roof while her father washes cars moving, this is her story

Maria It’s a 5-year-old girl’s name She became famous on social networks for studying under a cardboard roof in the middle of the street while her father was washing cars. To be able to take some coins home, so His story has moved thousands of netizens and created a series of help that completely changed the life of the minor and her father, so below we will tell you everything we know about this Inspirational case spread all over the world.

Maria’s story went viral just two weeks ago because a netizen made a live broadcast when he was in the vicinity of a shopping mall located in Trujillo, Peru He said the video was for group organization Because Little House noted that the minor should be able to do his homework while waiting for his father to finish the car wash, The story spread instantly It aroused the interest of various media outlets who came to meet the girl and her father.

During an interview with a local media, Richard Gonzalez, Maria’s father said that She is going through difficult economic conditions that prevented her from enrolling her daughter in a schoolHowever, he mentioned that he understands the importance of studying, so The best solution he found was to adapt a small table with a cardboard ceiling Outside the shopping center where the car wash works so the little girl can study on her own while keeping an eye on her.

As mentioned earlier, the initial idea was just to form a group to improve the economic situation of Maria and her father, however, A larger aid chain was formed than expected and a local school gave Maria a scholarship so that she could enroll at least until she completed her basic education.In addition, his father has also benefited since then Appointed by the same educational center as a security guardso without a doubt Their lives took 180 degrees.

It is worth noting that The Maria Scholarship includes all subjects They also provided him with the uniform that he will use and his father indicated that Her daughter is more than happy with her new life, mainly because she will have the opportunity to learn new things and because she is excited about the idea of ​​having friends.

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