The head of the Mexican Federation Governors resigns

The head of the Mexican Federation Governors resigns

Mexican Football Federation president Yon de Luisa reported Monday that after five years in office, Arturo Brizio has resigned as head of the jury.

Brizio Carter, a referee at the 1994 World Cup and France 1998, took over the commission in June 2017 to replace Hector Gonzalez Inarritu.

“It’s been five years and we’re here in this building that has given me shelter and work and I’ve been able to have such a wonderful experience as governors,” said Brizio. “Everyone treated me well, with unrestrained support, they are personal reasons for my departure, but good times will come for heaven.”

De Luisa praised Brizio’s work and said that under his management and thanks to the arrival of Video Arbitration (VAR), arbitration errors in Mexico have been reduced. In addition to improvements in physiotherapy, training programs for the women’s whistleblowers and a 50% increase in FIFA badges.

“You leave a solid, solid foundation for the committee to continue to grow,” said de Luisa.

Local media speculated that former referee Armando Archondia would replace Brizio, who did not want to go into details about the reasons for his resignation.

De Luisa said the name of the leader’s replacement will be announced at a later time.

Archondia, 56, was directed at the 2006 World Cup Finals in Germany and South Africa 2010.

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