La Jornada – Balance of the Day / More boos by “Tata” Martino

La Jornada – Balance of the Day / More boos by “Tata” Martino

Yon de Luisa and Gerardo Martino will be able to celebrate the victory over a very humble Surinamese side in the frustrated CONCACAF Nations League, feeling their souls returning to their bodies after the mockery against Uruguay and Ecuador; However, what was most memorable Saturday night at the Santos Laguna Stadium was the resounding cry of “Get out! My Fatherthe outside My Father! … ”, who was outside the script planned by Alejandro Iraraguri … The Mexican representative is lost because he does not have a head in administrative matters, on the bench or at the level of the field.

Holy cows European They navigate quietly, knowing that they have their safe places toward Qatar, while My Father Martino is looking to complete his roster towards disaster… Shame that Mexico is about to add new players. five cups; On the threshold Guillermo Ochoa and Andrés Guardado. especially the nickname little princeWho no longer has the level, speed or physicality. Everything is the result of the great policies of the federation with no retreat and excessive importation of foreigners.

The family of Alvarez Cuevas and their son-in-law Victor Garces, stuck in the clan like a sharp wedge, like the Corleone family, begin another chapter of a unique story, one of those that only happens in our football, with the arrest on Friday of the former first division chief. Garces, two years after the escape, was charged with “false statements, money laundering and organized crime.” The 2003 Clausura episode, when he canceled the contracts of the entire Cruz Azul team, angry because the team performed poorly and lost another game, comes to mind, the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Garces went down to the locker-room perhaps thinking of giving words of encouragement to the losers, imagining them despondent, full of sadness, but what a surprise, for he found the players in a festive atmosphere: jokes, loud music, laughter. The board of directors was angry at the dismissal of coach Mario Carrillo and the termination of contracts with the team … They say that from the fallen tree … gentlemen agreementFrom Draft And more misfortunes.

The coach wasn’t the only one who exploded when he saw the laxity of the footballers. Another chapter was represented in 2001 by Javier Pérez, Save with America. His team was playing nonsense. He, in his trunk while watching a game, is peppered with shots of bile and liquor. In the end, with a breath of alcohol, he made heartbreaking remarks, saying that he wanted everyone to be fired … It is relevant because the Ciudad Juárez Council now, upset that they had to pay a fine, decided to refrain from working for up to four months from the salaries of the players and coaches, all that To the satisfaction of the Mexican Football Federation.

Let UEFA and FIFA be encouraged, because the three rebels in Premier LeagueAnd Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus, while fighting in the European Court of Justice, apply the simple equation: more matches means more money, which is why they set their sights on the United States, an area that has been exploited almost exclusively for the gray Mx League teams and for the two houses of caffeine tripartite. Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) has organized the FIFA Champions Tour 22 (in Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Dallas), which will take advantage of the July date in FIFA.

And since it’s about making money, they included the famous Chivas and América, who wouldn’t do anything on the Champions Tour, but ticket orders and they’d be there with a wide chain of followers, inconsistent or perhaps giving the match of their lives, there’d be no way to hide tripartite From rojiblancos and yellow to give it a proper little bit of space? … Ana Laura Galindo took a week off, the period of her life dedicated to football! She did an excellent job with the U-17 men’s team in Japan. He studied Graphic Design at UNAM and immediately registered as a Strategist at ENDIT.

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