The highest paid player on the planet deserves; It will be the most expensive in your country

The highest paid player on the planet deserves;  It will be the most expensive in your country

Cristiano Ronaldo, the new Saudi Al-Nasr player, surprised the world, not only by signing with this team, but also by the salary that he will receive over the next few seasons, which will exceed 200 million euros annually.

The Portuguese star will be the highest paid player in the world, thanks to the salary agreed upon with the Arabs, so the home he recently acquired in Portugal is not surprising; Although the former Manchester United already enjoys great wealth, signing the contract with the Arabs means a significant income to be able to fulfill one whim or another in his mind.

The mansion he bought will bear the title of the most expensive in his country and will be located in Cascais, a Portuguese town in the city of Lisbon.

Leaked data on the former residence of Real Madrid indicate this It will cost 11 million euros. However, the construction and completion of the work will cost about 20 million eurosIt is a small amount if the salary of the Portuguese in his new team is taken into consideration.

The plans of Georgina and Ronaldo, for the year 2023, is to be able to release their mansion, which, after being handed over to the footballer, will certainly be more valuable and will be difficult to dispose of as the most expensive in their country. It is characterized by the presence of a large number of terraces on a plot of 2720 square meters.

The main house measures 544 square metres, as well as a plethora of gardens and a rather stunning pool.

One of the deviations that the Portuguese star and Argentinian model has portrayed is A cinema room will be in the basement of your new home, In addition to sitting rooms, multiple bathrooms, kitchens, elevator and solar panels.

The thing they can’t miss is the space for footballer’s cars; There will be a dedicated garage The six luxury cars used by the CR7 that are part of its range.

In this video you can see what the house will look like in which Ronaldo, Georgina and their children will spend part of their lives.

Georgina and a luxury car for her partner

Cristiano Ronaldo spent Christmas with his family and was surprised with a wonderful gift. It is that his partner, Georgina Rodriguez, decided to give him a 2022 Rolls-Royce Dawn, Among its characteristics is the convertible, the color is silver, the interior is white and it has all the technologies of the brand.

The cost of this car, which can reach a speed of 100 km / h in less than five seconds, with a 6.6 V12 biturbocharged engine, is 330 thousand euros in Europe, which is approximately 1,669’802,227 Colombian pesos. Of course, it can get hot depending on the additives included and even more so in Colombia due to import costs and taxes.

Many will wonder what else can be given to someone who seems to have everything? Well, the answer could be more and more cars, because that’s what the model and businesswoman turns to with her husband. In February, when CR7 turned 37, Georgina gave him the new version of the Cadillac Escaladea luxury SUV imported from the United States with a value exceeding 150,000 euros (about 758’929627 to change to Colombian pesos).

CR7, despite being knocked out of the World Cup, ended the year on good news, as he got a fancy new home, his wife gave him a supercar and he was finally signed by Al Nasr, becoming the highest paid player on the planet.

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