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Mexican Jorge Campos was one of the most unusual goalkeepers in football, not only because of his game, but because of the flashy suits he wore in every match. In recent days, his name has become Widely In the social networks After revealing the first pictures of the Barbie movie.

The first images from filming for “Barbie” this week, starring Margot Robbie (Barbie) and Ryan Gosling (Ken), have leaked, he notes. .

One image in particular caught the attention of Mexican users: the clothes worn by actor Ryan Gosling are very similar to the clothes worn by the former goalkeeper for the Mexican national team at the 94th World Cup in the United States.

The photos that went viral were taken on Venice Beach in Los Angeles, and the costumes correspond to “Skating Barbie.” The film will be released on June 21 next year and there are already expectations in many countries.

How could it be otherwise, users of social networks unleashed their creativity and launched all kinds of creative comments. Some of the comments were “Barbie movie will reveal Jorge Campos has always been Ken”, “Will royalties be paid for these #jorgecampos clothes?”.

Who is Jorge Campos?

Jorge Campos He is a former Mexican footballer who worked as a goalkeeper and striker. as described Campos was an eccentric player known for his consistent play outside the penalty area, often serving as a goalkeeper, as well as for his risky acrobatic style of goalkeeping and colorful clothing.

Jorge Campos was an eccentric Mexican goalkeeper during the 1990s (Photo: ALLSPORT/David Leah).

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