What you should know about Mirreyes vs Godínez 2 | The movie Vix + nnda nnlt | Offers

What you should know about Mirreyes vs Godínez 2 |  The movie Vix + nnda nnlt |  Offers

“Mirreyes against Godínez”, box office and comedian Mexican movie 2019 is back and how could it be otherwise, its sequel promises more fun than the first.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Chava Cartas movie, which had to wait more than three years, due to COVID-19, for its Part Two premiere.


“Mirreyes vs. Godínez 2, El Retiro” is expected to be released on July 21.

Where can you watch the movie?

The sequel to the hit movie can be seen on ViX+, TelevisaUnivisión’s new platform.

Photo from “Mirreyes vs. Godínez 2: The Retreat” (Photo: ViX +)

What will “Mirrors vs Godones 2” be like?

“Mirreyes vs. Godínez 2 will present the new challenges that the Kuri shoe store will have to face. Which is that when everything is going well in the company, an unimportant display appears that makes the members of this team face each other.

In order to solve the problems that have arisen, they go on a joint journey to unite their team.

Who are the actors in the second part of the movie?

  • Daniel Tovar as Gennaro.
  • Regina Blandon as Michelle.
  • Christian Vasquez as Conan.
  • Gloria Stalina as Sophia.
  • Roberto Aguerre as Ricardo.
  • Alejandro de Marino as Shimon.
  • Diana Beauvio as Nancy.
  • Michelle Rodriguez as Guyetta.

New actors:

  • Carlos Pallarta as
  • Dominica Palette like

As the story indicates, this group will embark on a journey to calm things down and restore the strength of the team, which is why in the second photo this group was dressed to cover themselves from the sun, hats and hats. Shown here is the gentle and experienced Tanda, Goyita (Michelle Rodriguez).

Capture a scene from "Mereis vs. Godinez"Released January 2019 (Photo: ViX+)
A still from a scene from the movie “Mirreyes vs. Godínez”, released in January 2019 (Photo: ViX+)


There is no official trailer for “Mirreyes vs. Godínez 2: The Retreat” yet, so we show you a preview of the first movie released in January 2019.

When will ViX+ be launched?

ViX+, TelevisaUnivision’s streaming platform, arrives July 21 in Mexico, the United States and Latin America.

their cost? The monthly rate will be $6.99 in the United States and 119 Mexican pesos in the Aztec country.

Premiere on ViX +

  • Maria Felix, Mrs.
  • “Devil’s Woman”.
  • “Label running”
  • “Mirreyes vs. Godínez 2: Withdrawal”.
  • “Love is sick.”

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