The Mexican Film Festival will be working on a retrospective on the Swedish Zetterling

The Mexican Film Festival will be working on a retrospective on the Swedish Zetterling
This content was published on Jul 26, 2022 – 19:44

Mexico City, July 26 (EFE). Swedish actress and director Mai Zetterling’s work has long been scorned for being irreverent and controversial, but in recent years it has caught the attention of critics and five of her films could have been seen in Mexico thanks to a retrospective that will take place during the International Film Festival in Gender Perspective (MICGénero) in Mexico. Mexico.

The writer was also a woman ahead of her time and a pioneer in representing issues and concerns related to gender in European society and the selection will be presented at the festival, which will take place in its eleventh session between 4 and 8 September, by Maria Larsson.

Larsson is Professor of Film Studies at Linnaeus University, Sweden, and will also present her book Film and Obsession: The Life and Work of Mai Zetterling.

The retrospective exhibition will be held on August 8 at the Film College in Mexico City and at the Cineteca Nacional in the capital from August 4-11.

After two years of major online activities, MICGénero will open in person on Thursday, August 4 with the screening of Girls (1968), directed by Zetterling and starring Bibi Anderson, Harriet Anderson, Gunnel Lindblom, Gunnar Björnstrand.

“Despite the difficult times, I am happy to resist and carry on,” the exhibition’s director, Victoria Cabrera, said at a press conference, explaining that the event once again seeks dialogue “about the social, economic and environmental crises that are happening in the world.”

The MICGénero Tour 2022 will feature a selection of 28 films, 23 of which are part of its official selection – made up of 12 sections – and among them are 12 Mexican short films.

MICGénero is defined as a collaborative and educational space whose core recognizes cinema as a tool for stimulating movement.

This is, through conversation spaces that aim to create connections between people dedicated to cinema, film-goers, journalists, institutions, academia and activists, among others.

“Likewise, it is a gallery committed to social equality and seeks to show and expose patriarchal practices in everyday and popular life,” Cabrera explained.

MICGénero Tour 2022 brings together 28 national and international films in categories such as versus media, athletic body, confinement and isolation, resilience, environmental movements, human mobility and migration, minorities in focus, disharmony, aging and intergenerational relations, Postporno, children and human rights and sexual rights and reproductive.

The MICGénero Tour 2022 will tour venues in Mexico City, Guanajuato, Toluca, Xalapa, Cuernavaca, Guadalajara, Zapopan, Playa del Carmen, Merida, Monterrey, San Cristobal de las Casas and Morelia from August 4 to September 8. EFE



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