The NBA merges with Marvel, is sport not enough?


The NBA has taken it upon itself to attract new appearances by merging with Marvel, the world’s most successful and expendable filmmaker with 23 movies in the last 12 years.

This Monday’s basketball radio broadcast saw an unprecedented event as two of the world’s most successful brands merged; The NBA s marvel.

“We cannot wait for fans to experience this unique and innovative performance that links exceptional narration and production. ESPN Matt Kenny, vice president of programming at Marvel ESPN. I sincerely believe that the result was impressive and promising. Two of these successful productions, the graphics, the intervention of the film’s characters and the leveling of basketball to conquer new audiences that perhaps approach the sport are only with this incentive.

Last season, NFL had a similar alliance during CBS broadcasts with Nickelodeon kids’ elements. According to published figures, the game between the Chicago Bears and New Orleans Saints attracted 2 million viewers in the United States and is the most-watched program on the network by total viewership in the past four years.

The owner of Disney ESPN Based on marvel It has already used the NBA’s copyright holdings to promote the movies, but it’s still on hold to fully integrate the concepts during the game’s action.

The intention to recruit real heroes to train and fight alongside the Avengers is a great idea. If some new audience isn’t going to the sport, let’s take it where their eyes are. If these broadcasts attract a tiny percentage of that fan base that consumes Ironman, Captain America & Co., the strategy will be successful.

MARVEL is the world’s most successful and well-consumed movie franchise with 23 films in the last 12 years and since 2008 MARVEL Film Universe has sold 22.5 billion tickets in theaters globally since then. About ten more films are expected to appear in the next five years and at least 10 MARVEL TV shows.

Why not take advantage of real estate and take advantage of this opportunity? It’s a win-win win for everyone. With the purpose ESPN, For Disney, NBA, players and their popularity with new consumers, but above all for fans who hadn’t seen the NBA and are now attracted by these concepts. But don’t worry, for those who want to watch the league in the original way, there will also be a traditional broadcast for them.

Disney also has the second most successful movie series in history with 10.2 billion tickets sold at the box office worldwide: Star Wars.. So it wouldn’t be surprising if we see something similar in the future associated with Luke, Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Jedi Knights, and Company.

The opportunities these companies envision are limitless: special edition uniforms, licensed products, games, activities, attractions … the sky is the limit in these joint ventures.

Some will criticize that sport is no longer enough? I don’t know and I don’t think so, but the idea of ​​superpowers uniting has clearly worked with the Avengers, so why not follow suit.

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