The Netflix movie that set a record in the US audience according to Nielsen


broadcast service Netflix It has many titles that achieve a certain popularity among millions of subscribers, but for the most part the series is placed among the favorites. The films, on the other hand, are less attractive and do not achieve continuity in the ranking. However, in recent weeks it has been announced The hardest they fell He climbed to the top and another feature film repeated his path.

The following data is presented by the audience scale NielsenWeekly, which publishes figures on what American viewers have seen on television and platforms Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, Apple TV + y Hulu TV. Since these companies do not release numbers regularly, the report was delayed by about a month.

+ Most Watched Movie on Netflix US

According to the new report from NielsenAnd The most-chosen content by Netflix users between November 8 and 14 was a movie. it’s about red alert, with 1,843 million minutes played, a milestone that had been anticipated in the previous phase, a few hours after its launch, it was announced that it was the best opening day in the platform’s history.

The movie, which was released on November 5, had an impressive lineup of stars such as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds, so success was guaranteed. In addition, they featured an action comedy plot centering on John Hartley, an Interpol agent who has no choice but to team up with Nolan Booth, a notorious art thief, with the goal of teaming up to catch another thief named Sarah. .

Outside of Netflix, the following categories are for Disney + With two other films: Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, with 1,072 million minutes watched, and jungle trip, also starring The Rock, with 908 million minutes. The rest of Nielsen Top Views is completed with cocumillon (812 AD), Narcos: Mexico (769 AD), You are (675 m), hold dear (646 AD), Seinfeld (629 m) big mouth (598 m) y The Great British Bread Show (576 AD).

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