The New Medicine Museum in China was designed by Muda Architects:

The New Medicine Museum in China was designed by Muda Architects:

The new museumwhich will tell a story medicine in ChinaAnd the The yin-yang symbol will appear; The project is responsible for the study of the Chinese language MODA Engineers.

According to the statement, the design of the Tianfu Medicine Museum 13,000 square meters The water will combine with a circular earth structure to form the giant Taiji scheme, as it represents Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

TCM emphasizes the harmony and compatibility between humans and nature, believing that Humanity is a component of all nature consisting of yin and yang in duality,” the study explained.

new place It is located next to Huitong Lake in Pengzhou; Its entrance is located on the eastern side.

Design of the Museum of New Medicine in China

According to Muda Architects, in The main entrance to the property there will be aluminum panels that will protect the building from sunlight, This will help keep you calm.

While on the eastern side of the lakea double curved glass curtain wall will be placed, this will invite nature to enter the building.

On their part, the lobbies, The exhibition area and dining room are located on the ground floor; Exhibition spaces and workshops will be organized on the first and second floors.

Along the same lines, There will be a parking and utility area in the basementthis will connect to a sunken outdoor plaza to host a variety of activities for the public.

It should be noted that it is scheduled to open in 2023, Although the main structure of the Chinese Medicine Museum is completed.

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