The Other Way Film Festival will open its seventh edition in 10 cities


The Standard Sustainable Progress Festival, The Other Way Film Festival, kicks off next Thursday, October 21 with an opening session, in cooperation with Greenpeace, which will be held simultaneously in 10 cities, including Valladolid. It will be 8:00 pm Broadway Cinemas (Valladolid) With the national screening of the film Dear future children.

The opening film of the German director Franz Bohm Awarded to audiences at prestigious festivals such as Hot Docs and Max Ophüls Preis or the International Film Festival and Human Rights Forum, it shows the struggle of three young activists working to change injustices in different parts of the world: Hong Kong, Chile and Uganda.

In the face of growing turmoil around the world, Dear future children A film about the new generation at the heart of this seismic political transition. We’ll see how Ryan protests for social justice in Chile, Bieber fights for democracy in Hong Kong and Hilda faces the devastating consequences of climate change in Uganda. Faced with near-impossible odds and grappling with the staggering impact their activism has on their personal lives, we’ll ask these three young women why they keep fighting. A movie about the next generation of next generation productions.

This show can be watched simultaneously in 9 other Spanish cities: Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Malaga, Mallorca, Pamplona, ​​Seville, Toledo and Vigo. Therefore, the festival brings the festival experience nationally not only in digital form, but also in person. In addition, the Catalan viewer will be able to follow the programming of The Other Way Film Festival from October 21-28 in an online format. Specifically, the official section will be available through the festival’s online platform, and the Impact section can be seen on Filmin.

The Other Way Film Festival celebrates its seventh edition from October 21-28 at the following venues: Cineteca Madrid, Cines Golem Madrid, Filmoteca Española, Sala Equis, Institut français de Madrid, mk2 Cine Paz, Filmin and the festival’s online platform. Under the slogan “Let’s join in hope”, a program is presented to bring other realities closer through the most interesting and surprising stories, as well as to spread a kind of life in harmony with our planet.

In total, 37 titles can be viewed, divided into documentaries, feature films and short films on topics such as climate change, climate justice, biodiversity loss, and the relationship between humans and other species. Of this selection, 17 documentaries will enter the competition: eleven in the Official Division and six in the Impact Division. Their nationalities come from countries as diverse as Spain, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Switzerland, the United States, Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa, Brazil, Colombia, Chile or China.

The 7th edition of the Otro Camino Film Festival has the institutional support of the Ministry of Culture (ICAA), the Community of Madrid, and the sponsorship of the documentary channel Odisea, Signus Ecovalor, Gosuac, El Gatoverde Producciones and Institut français. Joining as collaborators: Film Madrid, Greenpeace, Casa Árabe, Fantasy That Changes the World, Tigirides, Viv La Vida Yoga, Screen, Echo Event, Sirocco 2, Mariela Mughnani, Real Age, Human Conflict Transformation Center, SNAS, MK2 Cinema Buzz, AED and RosssCamm y Paisajismo Sostenible, WWF, DOCMA, Impact Hub Madrid, Conofest.

The collaborating media, among which we find ourselves, are: EFE Verde, Ética, Yorokobu, El Asombrario, La marea, Climática, Co-Responsible, Sustainable City, Eco-management, El Guadarramista, El Bien Social, All that glitters is not Cinemas, Moobys, Le Cole.

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