The passenger tries to force the cabin of the plane during the flight


a passenger From a domestic flight in the United States tried to force ato the entrance plane cabin Before he was neutralized by another passenger and cabin crew, witnesses said.

The Plane Delta AirlinesAnd the That made contact on Friday Los Angeles Nashville, had to embark on an emergency landing in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The man, who was pulled from the device with his hands and feet tied with clamps, cried during I fly frequently “Stop this plane!”

Pictures were taken by cell phone They show him fighting in front of the cabin entrance.

One passenger told CNN that this person “without being provoked, suddenly got up and ran into the cabin and started banging on the door.”

Another passenger described the scene as “terrifying” and praised the crew’s quick reaction.

FBI de Albuquerque confirmed on Twitter Who really interfered.

In a statement, the company expressed its gratitude to the flight crew and passengers.

The plane landed without incident and the police removed the passenger from the plane.”

Other travelers spent five hours in Albuquerque is waiting The flight took them to Nashville.


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