The qualifying process is entering the final stage and there are still 10 World Cup places left

The qualifying process is entering the final stage and there are still 10 World Cup places left

There are still 10 unclaimed sites Basketball World Cup Next summer it is expected that all but one will decide tomorrow, Sunday.

Angola became the 22nd team to qualify for the field of 32 nations.

Japan and the Philippines have also already qualified to host the World Cup as well as Australia, Canada, China, Ivory Coast, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Jordan, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, New Zealand, Slovenia, South Sudan, Spain and the United States.

What awaits us on Sunday?

Americas region

The United States in as well as Canada.

On the final day of the qualifiers, six teams will compete for five spots.

It’s a somewhat complicated formula. There are two groups of six teams, and the top three teams from each group, plus the best fourth-placed team, will qualify.

Canada won Series E with a record of 10-1. USA Group F with a score of 9-2. Everything else will be decided on Sunday.

In Group E, Argentina, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic are tied 8-3, while in Group F Puerto Rico, Mexico and Brazil are tied 7-4.

On Sunday, Puerto Rico will play Colombia, Mexico will play Uruguay, and the United States will play Brazil. That last match will be a formality for the Americans in terms of ranking.

“We came here to win two,” said US coach Jim Boylen after selling the Uruguay national team on Thursday to secure a World Cup berth.

Group E matches include the Bahamas in Panama, Canada in Venezuela and the Dominican Republic in Argentina. The winner of that match in Mar del Plata is sure to advance.


There are still three unclaimed places in Europe. The first group will be decided on Monday.

Serbia will advance if it beats Great Britain. If Serbia loses that match, Belgium will advance by beating Turkey. And if Belgium loses, Serbia leads regardless of its result on Monday.

In Group K, the other place will go to Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina or Hungary. Montenegro advanced by defeating the Czech Republic. Bosnia must defeat Hungary and Montenegro lose. And Hungary not only has to lose to Montenegro, but it has to beat Bosnia by no less than 41 points. All those games on Sunday.

On Sunday, Georgia and Iceland will play in Tbilisi for the last place in Group L. If Georgia wins, it will go to the World Cup. If Georgia loses by three or fewer points, it still goes to the World Cup. If Iceland wins by four or more points, they will be present at the World Cup.


One place left. This doesn’t take a lot of math to break even.

Iran and Kazakhstan are the last remaining hopefuls. If Iran beats China, they will qualify. If Kazakhstan beats Australia and Iran loses, Kazakhstan will qualify.


Angola is heading into its ninth World Cup finals. The spot was decided on Saturday with an 80-67 victory over Cape Verde. Angola became the fourth team to qualify from the Africa Zone, along with Ivory Coast, South Sudan and Egypt.

One place left. Tunisia, Senegal, Cape Verde and Nigeria are still in the running. Sunday’s match schedule features Uganda vs. Guinea, Cameroon vs. Senegal, Cape Verde vs. Ivory Coast, Tunisia vs. Congo, Nigeria vs. Angola, and South Sudan vs. Egypt.

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