The Rescue Entebbe review: the last plane to Uganda


In 1976, a commando group made up of Palestinians and Germans hijacked an Air France plane that had left Tel Aviv heading to Paris, and transferred it to Entebbe Airport, Uganda, to exchange 258 hostages for five dozen Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, in addition to five million dollars. . The episode spawned a few memorable TV movies, but this one Rescue in Entebbe It is not a remake, but a remake based on a book by Saul David, which he boasts of containing previously undisclosed information.

The topic is no stranger to Brazilian Jose Padilla, who became famous before that Elite squad He directed the documentary Omnibus 174About the hostage taking on a bus in Rio de Janeiro. Here he divides the narration into multiple perspectives, and manages to overlap them with skill enough that the suspense is never lost. The tense atmosphere and the music of Rodrigo Amarante mask an abundance of childish and frequent dialogues.

On the one hand, the political plot is remarkable, with the internal intrigues between Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and his Defense Minister Shimon Peres. On the other hand, the same shot, with the link between the hostages and the kidnappers, and the terrorists’ past, with memories of the past being one of the film’s weakest points. And scenes of the personal life of an Israeli soldier who will take part in the rescue operation do not contribute much either. But its purpose is to present a parallel montage in the final sequence that gives Rescate en Entebbe an epic ending, in line with the Meroitic epic.

Rescue in Entebbe


suspense. UK / USA, 2018.106 ‘, SAM 13 R. From: José Padilha. With: Daniel Brule, Rosamund Pike, Eddie Marsan. Rooms: Belgrano Multiplex, Cinemark Caballito.

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