The scariest elevator in the UK does not stop

The scariest elevator in the UK does not stop

to me See the motion picturewhich comes to mind? terrorism? elevators? You’re close. As it turns out, it’s one of the few things my hometown in Sheffield is at The UK is well known. behind Stainless Steel and Arctic Monkeys (Best band of all time), there’s another small, not-so-famous oddity: the elevator the father.

The the father It is very much like an elevator that moves people up and down. Through a tall building into a booth. But unlike the elevator, the paternoster multiple spins stalls smallestWhich runs through every floor of the building non-stop. You just enter and graduated. Sounds crazy.

The father is in the art tower of the university

The father is in the art tower of the university
picture: Stephen Richards via Wikimedia Commons

No need to press a button and wait for the doors to open on the floor. Noel the father It is fully open at all times, and moves slowly through the building. Slow enough to jump in and out of the cab On the go, don’t be as intimidating as it sounds.

One of the last elevators the father which remain in Sheffield, within the University’s Arts Tower, a 20-storey building built brick by brick In the sixties 38 cabins To make people go up and down several floors.

When each car reaches the top of the tower, it rolls into the elevator mechanism to begin its descent. Everything we own a lot of sense when you see him in action.

It may sound like Science Fiction also It’s probably intimidating, but it’s a great way to navigate through a tall building. there Excellent video by Tom Scott explaining how the elevator works and security mechanisms do not lose an arm. The most exciting thing is that Shows you what is happening at the kiosks Easter Holiday. It’s a short video and entertaining Show some strange technology Who we work with in the UK past decades.

Paternoster Elevators: Dangerous, Old and Very Fun (Including Over the Top!)

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